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                    Taking the worry out of your maternity, infant, and family health
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                 Change Your Beliefs.  Change Your Health.

We assist and empower you to create and sustain a life you feel more connected to by being able to easily access the best solutions for you and your family's health.

Morning sickness/sciatica/placenta previa (other distressed in-utero health conditions), c-section recovery, and additional pregnancy and postpartum-connected challenges             Cystic Fibrosis
Fertility                         Allergies                     Torticollis                    Transforming outdated beliefs
Hip Dysplasia              Body trauma                 Everyday wellness             Reproductive health       
Asthma and other respiratory upsets               Digestive challenges           Feminine trauma
Anxiety/fear-based mood/behavioral change  Childbirth support             Preventive health
Eczema/psoriasis/hemangioma/other skin issues    Sensory Processing Disorder/other special needs

As Licensed Natural Health Care Practitioner and Educator and principal practitioner of our practice, our Flourishing Health System assist clients with the above and much more.  As a physical health condition reflects change or stress in your thought processes, emotions, and beliefs, we are in service to assist you to explore and address each level to fully nurture the physical challenge and its root source(s). 

Our commitment is delivered through our Flourishing Health System, Birth Support Kit, and educational presentations for the women, maternity, infant, and family community.  Each product and service is designed to answer your specific health needs with gentle, safe, and non-invasive health modalities while providing you with an abundance of benefits.

Our private health sessions are primarily experienced on a per-package basis, via telephone, and select in-person.  You may contact the practice to inquire about rates and availability. Get 6 months to pay on $99 or more when you checkout with Paypal and choose Bill Me Later

Consultations are scheduled:

Monday through Friday: 12:00pm EST - 6:00pm EST
Saturday: 10:00am EST - 1:00pm EST

Get full details on our Flourishing Health System to learn if we are a good fit to work together.

"As an associate and fellow natural healthcare practitioner sharing mutual goals for the health and healing of the world, and with my interpersonal experience with Nicole for many years now, I confidently encourage any new mom, soon to be mom and all who choose a healthier, happier way of life through natural health options to contact Nicole for a full and comprehensive consultation. Nicole provides her knowledgeable expertise in many areas of natural medicine in harmony with a presentation of herself, services and product lines. You are blessed in the hands of Nicole" - Mora Danu-Michaels/NNJ Director of Northeast Holistic Center

Nicole A. Tucker, Lic. LCC
Northern New Jersey
Single and package sessions are available via telephone for the global community
and select home visit sessions in the Northern New Jersey & New York City areas
Get 6 months to pay on $99 or more when you checkout with Paypal and choose Bill Me Later
Office hours: Monday through Friday, 11:30am EST - 6:00pm EST;
Saturday, 10:00am EST - 1:00pm EST
Office hours may be altered to accommodate clients in different time zones  
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