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"I had been using Nicole's services for my son initially to help with his allergies.  We had tried every pill and inhalant under the sun, but he still continued to suffer. Imagine my complete joy at his miserable state vanishing on the second day of using her cream!  We ended up treating him also for sensory [processing disorder] issues and treating myself for various health issues for stress management and sleep.  Her unique approach has made an enormous positive impact not only on our physical health without the use of pharmaceuticals, but on our family dynamic. I can't express enough how much she has helped us. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and supportive.  I would recommend her highly for anyone who is looking for a safe, natural way to better their health. I consider Nicole now a permanent part of my family's wellness team." - RD/textile designer | Flourishing Health Telephone Consultations client

"I learned that the cyst in my left ovary was infected and has spread to my fallopian tube. I immediately consulted with Nicole and have been feeling way less pain and the infection clearing out. My wellness plan includes aromatherapy (I've been applying an essential oil blend on my ovary and entire reproductive system), taking my personalized herbal blend, and addressing emotional pain I've been holding onto in my ovary... I knew Nicole would be the best practitioner to support my body to heal!!" - Angelica | Natural Medicine Enthusiast | Flourishing Health Telephone Consultations client

"Nicole's wellness plan, which included digestive supplements and nutritional recommendations, saved my son from having a tonsillectomy. We were so close to having surgery, but decided to give this route a chance. So glad we did!  Thanks, Nicole!!" - Teresa | Mommy to Noah | Flourishing Health Telephone Consultations client

"Flower essences literally transformed my experience with night terror.  After 6 years of waking up in fear and terror [from
sexual abuse trauma], incoherent, at times, getting dressed, while sleeping, and hastily leaving the house in the middle of the night, I experienced a significant decrease in episodes since I started to take the flower essence blend everyday.  In combination with ongoing sessions with Nicole, the night terrors have completely ceased.  I feel much more safer, and have regained a peace that was missing from my life.  I am beyond grateful!!" – 
NT, Teacher | Flower Essence Therapy + Rebirth: Transforming Sexual Trauma client


"The c section repair oil has helped me to feel like I have some control over what happened to my body. When I apply it, I feel like I am also healing emotionally. I've noticed a physical difference too. Other moms need this production..." - W. Dubois | The Nanny Consultant


"I was in serious respiratory distress, and had been sick for some time. No other medicine worked to give me the relief I needed, until I met with Nicole. She created a herbal remedy for me that immediately cleared the congestion in ONE APPLICATION!! Her creation worked quickly, and efficiently in freeing up the ailment. If you are open to natural and organic remedies, I strongly recommend consulting with her. You will receive the results you seek!" - Karen Panton, Administrative Support Staff | Herbal Therapy client


"Along with dietary changes, gut health support, and the eczema cream, I saw a noticeable improvement in Ian's skin and reduction in itchiness. I'm honestly surprised that Ian is doing so well with the cream. It soaks in so quickly and has kept him well moisturized better than anything I've used on him so far". - Lorraine Pak/mommy to Ian | Flourishing Health Telephone Consultations client


"Since taking the flower essences, I'm no longer feeling depressed. My blood pressure readings have gone down. Prior to taking the flower essences, I would get tired after walking for 5 minutes. Now, I can walk for more than one hour without getting tired. I feel happier, and energetic!  I have more energy to do things at home - like cooking, and playing with my niece. I'm also feeling more comfortable in talking and engaging with people, and I'm planning on starting a travel agency! Thanks, Nicole!!" - Bhagyashri Mavinkurve | Entrepreneur | Flower Essence Therapy client 

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