Feminine Support Virtual Circle

"because you need the support of other women"


Greetings Amazing Women,


I am aware that I need support to navigate my own unique life experiences, as a woman, and, in general.  Having this support is what gets me through more powerfully and grounded, and ready to take on the next learning adventure.


As my commitment to you, and your own unique experiences, I have created 6-week service, "Feminine Support Virtual Circle".  Every Sunday morning we will meet over the phone for approximately 40 minutes to discuss one or two spotlighted topics from two of our group members.  Subjects could include: dealing with an emotional issue related to family, career, children..how to move on from an experience, how to move closer to an experience, etc.  The sharing of our experiences is an opportunity to learn and evolve together, and stand beside each other as witnesses to our life's journey.


As a group, we will provide supportive, positive feedback in a sacred space of love, peace, and respect.  


Cost to attend, and participate is $20.  Our meetings will take place on 6 Sundays.  The first meeting starts, June 7, at 10:00am EST, and continues through to July 12, 2015.  If you would like to be part of our "Feminine Support Virtual Circle", simply pay for a single or 6-week meetings, and on Saturday a phone number and call-in code will be forwarded to you, via email, to join in.


Register for each meeting by Saturday.


I so look forward to being part of this supportive group with you all!


Yours in deep service,



About the practitioner:

Nicole A. Tucker is the owner and principal practitioner, and certified counselor of a leading natural and holistic health practice serving feminine, maternity, and infant/children health. Nicole holds many titles in complementary and alternative health, including Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and Holistic Synergy Energy Work Practitioner - all expertly applied in her private sessions, group wellness programs, birth doula service...  As a practitioner, Nicole assists in powerfully transforming the health and quality of living of her clients, and the world.  An educator and instructor, Nicole teaches live health webinars and courses relating to empowering the holistic - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - health of women and families.  She has written articles on the value of complementary and alternative medicine, and the evolving consciousness of women.  A featured aromatherapy expert in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, one of Nicole's engaging written pieces, 'Women...Let Us Heal Ourselves', can be seen in Inner Realm: A Magazine Dedicated to Your Personal Journey to Total Health of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

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