Blossoming Baby and Toddler Year-Round

Healthy Skin 6-Week Group Program 

Exclusive presentations on how to safely and permanently

address and nourish your child's skin health


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* immediate improvement and lasting clearing up of the skin

* a conscious approach to eating and nutrition 

* improved digestive health (proper digestion of food, elimination of acid reflux, bloating, gas)

* healthier immune system (less cold and flu)

* reduction of inflammation in the body

* less allergy symptoms

* restful sleep

* healthier, consistent bowel movements

* lowered monthly and yearly healthcare expenses on skin care products

* open and responsive approach to learning and playing for baby and toddler

* happier moods

* and much more


Eczema,‬ acne, thrush, diaper rash, thrush, roseola, dermatitis, are examples of common skin-manifested conditions.  In most traditional medicine cases, hydrocortisone‬ ‪and other harsh, topical steroid creams are prescribed and used in an attempt to treat these conditions - the adverse effects can be horrific.


Addressing such conditions is quite simple, gentle, and non-painful with the right approach. A powerful and effective partnership of non-invasive, safe, and supportive wellness steps can fully address any skin-related condition without the fear of potential harmful effects.  In truth, there are no skin problems, just a challenge within the inner health that's reflecting outward.  Within our unique 6-week presentations, an exclusive 10 participants will the learn the easy, and straight-forward blueprint to healthy skin, year-round. During our weekly group meetings, you will have the support of other mothers/parents with similar experiences as your family.  A supported journey can bring forth the greatest healing benefits.


Praise: "I saw a noticeable improvement in Ian's skin and reduction in itchiness. I'm honestly surprised that Ian is doing so well with it. It soaks in so quickly and has kept him well moisturized better than anything I've used on him so far".  - Lorraine Pak/mother expressing her joy with the immediate and lasting benefits of our topical eczema essential oil and flower essence cream for her son


Within each presentation:


Week 1: We will examine the role conscious eating and a healthy diet plays in nourishing the inner health, which is ultimately reflected in the skin.  You will be provided with nutritional solutions on how to create simple changes in your child's health to promote vibrant health and skin.

After this presentation, one of our exquisitely blended essential oil and flower essence topical ointment will be shipped to you to nourish your child's skin. (U.S. residents only)


Week 2:  Stomach rules everything in health!  If stomach health is compromised, due to enzyme depletion, or other factors, everything in your baby's body is affected.  In some incidences, a compromised stomach health could have started in-utero. You will learn how to optimize his stomach (and immune) health to properly break down food, and nurture his body and skin.  A partner in flourishing stomach health is flourishing intestinal (gut) health.  As you continue to enrich your child's stomach health, you can now improve her gut health so that her body properly absorbs the nutrients, from food, appropriately eliminate the body's waste, which will allow her body and skin to thrive.

After this presentation, one bottle of a high-vibrancy digestive enzyme solution and one bottle of a top-quality probiotic solutions will be shipped to you to address stomach and intestinal health. (U.S. residents only)


Week 3: A clogged liver or kidney can contribute to skin imbalances, and, as the skin is known as the 'third kidney', any impurities, that are not effectively eliminated from the body's natural process, will erupt through the skin.  We will explore this area of health and present solutions.

After this presentation, one of our unique herbal tinctures will be shipped to you to assist your toddler's liver or kidney health. (U.S. residents only) 


Week 4: Every physical condition is linked to our emotional health.  This is also true for your toddler.  Irritated skin can reflect irritated emotions.  We'll dive deeper and get to the heart of the issue, and present everyday go-to solutions to address upsetting emotions.

After this presentation, one of our highly-supportive flower essence blends will be shipped to you to assist his potentially irritated emotions. (U.S. residents only) 


Week 5: For the occasional and persistent mild to severe skin irritation, it helps to examine the family's physical and emotional health as babies and children reflect the conscious and subconscious health of the family.

After this presentation, one of our powerful flower essence blends will be shipped to you to assist the emotional health of the family. (U.S. residents only) 


Week 6: We will explore deeper the metaphysical factors (your beliefs), within the family, that can initiate and feed inner health challenges, and skin conditions within baby or toddler.  Understanding this level of health can empower you to immediately and positively transform the health of the family before the issue becomes a physical condition.  We will also conclude the 6-week program by recapping the previous 5 weeks and connecting all the steps of the road map to healthy skin, and ultimately a more improved and balanced health for your child and family. 


****After completing the program, receive a bonus follow-up group call****


The Blossoming Baby and Toddler Year-Round Healthy Skin 6-Week Group Program is designed to add value and make a positive difference in your health and life with the most suitable, life-affirming solutions. In order for you to receive the greatest results from this program, it is essential that you are:
* inspired and motivated to receive new solutions to address the condition
* open to and welcome a non-pharmaceutical approach to your child's health 
* invested in the journey of consciously transforming your child's health and life 
* open to and ready to welcome change 

* committed to working in a healthy participant-instructor relationship 


Financial Investment:

Contact the practice to learn more. 


*Payment financing: pay for your Blossoming Baby and Toddler Year-Round Healthy Skin 6-Week Group Program over a period of 6 months when you choose Paypal Credit during the checkout process. U.S. only*




A disclaimer and Paypal invoice will be sent to you, via email.  Once the service has been paid for, and disclaimer thoroughly filled out, a confidential health form will be forwarded to you, via email, to fill out, and return, via email, within two days. You may pay with a credit or debit card, or via your Paypal account, if you have one.


All sales are non-refundable.


Praise: "I love using the oil for our nightly massage and feeling the scar tissue as its healing under my fingers" - Alexis Arvidson / mother expressing her joy with the therapeutic benefits of our aromatherapy blend to assist the hemangioma her daughter experiences.


All payments and filled-out documents are to be completed prior to starting the program.


Each presentation will last approximately 45 minutes to one hour.  A private link will be forwarded to you on each scheduled date so you can listen to the presentation.  You can learn at your own pace, and access the information at any point during your lifetime. 


During the 6-week course of the program, we will meet on Wednesdays, at 6:00pm EST, via telephone, to discuss your progress with the products, and wellness recommendations, and receive support from other families on the call, if you would like.  A private telephone number and code will sent to you, via email, so you can join in.


All information about the participants is kept private and confidential.







About the practitioner:

Nicole A. Tucker is the owner and principal practitioner and educator of a leading natural and holistic health practice serving feminine, maternity, and infant/children health.  Nicole holds many important titles in complementary and alternative health, including Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and Holistic Synergy Energy Work Practitioner - all expertly applied in her private sessions, group wellness programs, birth doula service...  As part of her soul’s service in the world, Nicole has the honor of assisting women to address the physical and metaphysical source of: sexual trauma, fibroids, fertility, and other reproductive health conditions, emotional/night terrors, c-section healing, cystic fibrosis, placenta previa, conscious eating, and more; and infant/children with eczema, hemangioma, torticollis, sensory processing disorder, body/brain trauma, and more.  A featured aromatherapy expert in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, one of Nicole's engaging written pieces, 'Women...Let Us Heal Ourselves', can be seen in Inner Realm: A Magazine Dedicated to Your Personal Journey to Total Health of the Body, Mind and Spirit.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any product and wellness recommendations presented in the program are for educational purposes.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.