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What You And Your Family Need To Know To Build
A Strong Immune System - Year-Round! (recorded audio presentation) 

Keep your family healthy - all year long.  The best time to start is now.

Naturally and organically strengthen your family's immune system - year-round, and calmly face cold/flu fear, and other stress-producing conditions within your body.

In this audio presentation, you'll learn the simple, everyday natural medicine solutions that powerfully build up your immune system and work with your body's healing capabilities to keep you well, and immediately address cold and flu symptoms, and any other immune-depleting symptoms.

No need to worry about 'cold and flu season' when you're immune-strong - all year long!

Some of the easy-to-apply immune solutions you'll learn include: 

* what food to eat and eliminate from your diet to build your strongest immune system
p.s. You probably ate something within the last 24 hours that slowed down the function of your immune system!
* how to use essential oils and herbs to give your immune system a big, daily boost
* how to create a home environment that safely combats germs and viruses
* learning what specific mood and emotions disrupt, as well as nourish your immune system

I know your family's health is a priority, so let's make sure you have the right tools, in place, to access whenever you need so you can ease fear, and nurture your health in an empowered and worry-free way. 


Cost: $60 (I'm ready to sign up!)

Click on 'I'm ready to sign up!' to pay for the class.  Payment is processed via PayPal.  When making your payment, in the 'Add a note' section, state which class you're paying for.

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For one-to-one telephone consultations, with me, to address any changes in your immune system, please send us an email.

*Please note: There are no refunds with any of our classes.

Praise: "I was in serious respiratory distress (from an immune condition), and had been sick for some time.  No other medicine worked to give me the relief I needed, until I met with Nicole.  She created a herbal remedy for me that immediately cleared the congestion in ONE APPLICATION!!  Her creation worked quickly and efficiently in freeing up the ailment.  If you're open to natural and organic remedies, I strongly recommend consulting with her.  You will receive the results you seek!" - Karen Panton | Administrative Support Staff, Mama of two girls  

After you pay for the presentation, a link of the recording will be sent to you, via email, within 24 to 48 hours.  You can listen, on your phone or computer, at your convenience. 

Eczema Relief: The Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now To Truly Clear Up The Issue (recorded audio presentation) 


Within my health practice, one of the top consultation inquiries I get is - how can our family heal the eczema?  

Constantly applying dermatologist-recommended topical creams that contain **mineral oil and corticosteroid, which can be toxic to your skin, and inner health may work - temporarily - or not at all.  Why expose yourself, or your child to the potential harm!


**Possible adverse effects from those ingredients include: 

* skin depigmentation
* skin atrophy
* scarring
* staphylococcal infection
* change in mood, and mental health

I want your family to have a go-to resource to help you to get started with addressing the root source of the eczema because if you don't address the real cause of the eczema, it will keep coming back! 

I created this audio presentation for you and your family to listen to, and start to learn exactly what areas to focus on to clear up the eczema.

Presentation Overview

An itchy inflammation of the skin with symptoms ranging from dry, flakiness, redness to oozing blisters, eczema is a common occurrence in many households. Instead of focusing on just applying a topical ointment, it's best, for lasting results, to address the root source, which involves examining your inner health.

By giving the inner health what it needs, the positive results will reflect outward on your skin - no more rash, itchiness - just you feeling good in your skin and body! 

You can still apply safe (non-mineral oil or non-corticosteroid) topical ingredients to further nourish your skin in addition to supporting your inner organs - which play a big role in eczema flare up. 

Spotlight topics include: 

* what food to immediately eliminate from your diet to start to see significant results, along with what other food to eat, and other food to eliminate from your diet or your child's diet to give the body the right nutrients to cleanse the toxins causing the eczema, and clear up the skin

* learning what supplements are needed to improve stomach, liver, and intestinal health - the key physical systems of your body that affect eczema flare up
* herbs that are safe to use and keep in the house as your family's go-to support to immediately address the eczema - no matter if it's a minor or major outbreak
* how your family can get emotionally closer from addressing the main source of the eczema together 

Cost: $70 (I'm ready to sign up!)

BONUS: For a limited time, receive a free bottle of Total Digestion digestive enzymes (for 4 years and up) to nurture your stomach/digestive system, and support healing of the eczema.

When you click on 'I'm ready to sign up!', your payment will be processed via PayPal.  When making your payment, in the 'Add a note' section, state which class you're paying for.

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Rebecca says (about the presentation): "Thank you Nicole, I listened to it today, a lot of good information! Very informative class."

Lorraine says (about our eczema relief product): "I saw a noticeable improvement in Ian's skin and reduction in itchiness. I'm honestly surprised that Ian is doing so well with it. It soaks in so quickly and has kept him well moisturized better than anything I've used on him so far."

After you pay for the presentation, a link of the recording will be sent to you, via email, within 24 to 48 hours.  You can listen, on your phone or computer, at your convenience. 

For one-to-one telephone consultations, with me, to address the eczema on a deeper level, please send us an email.

*Please note: There are no refunds with any of our presentations.
**Information source of adverse effects: U.S. National Library of Medicine


Your Rebirth: 3 Gentle Actions You Can Take To Start To Heal The Sexual Abuse Trauma

(free recorded audio presentation) 

Class Overview
You may be seeing glimpses of the abuse in your mind, or you're in emotional pain everyday, or you're projecting the pain onto your partner/spouse, and children... These may be signs of a spiritual call to now fully address the sexual trauma. 

When you start the healing journey, you're opening the space to release the hold the trauma has had on you while giving yourself permission to create a life of freedom, embraced-power, and deep joy. 

Within the 37-minute audio presentation, I present 3 key and highly-supportive steps you can take to positively shift the trauma within your mind, physical body, and emotions, and start to create a path of reclaiming your emotional and mental strength, your body, and your trust of knowing you are safe in the world.  


To receive the recorded presentation:

Enter your information below, and add, Rebirth Recording, in the subject section. The recorded link will be sent to you, via email, within 48 hours, to listen to, on your phone or computer.


About the Instructor:

Nicole A. Tucker is a holistic medicine practitioner, certified counselor, and owner of a leading natural and holistic medicine practice serving women, babies, and children health.  Additionally, she holds many important titles in complementary and alternative health, including Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and Holistic Synergy Energy Work Practitioner - all applied in her private sessions, wellness programs, proprietary products...  An educator and instructor, Nicole’s body of work includes teaching live health presentations, such as Menstrual Cycle: Cleansing of A Woman’s Body, Feminine Balance: Healing Trauma Within The Body, Pregnancy At 40: What You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth Course, Teaching Children The Tools Of Empowerment, Natural and Organic Newborn Care, and more.  As part of her soul’s service in the world, Nicole has the honor of assisting women to holistically address: sexual traumafibroids, fertility, and other reproductive health conditions, night terror, cystic fibrosis, high blood pressure, asthma, and more; and infant/children with eczema, hemangioma, torticollis, sensory processing disorder, body/brain trauma, and more.  You may learn more about Nicole here.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any product and wellness recommendations presented in the class are for educational purposes.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.


*Plus, you’ll receive weekly wellness support on the best solutions for your health.  Your email address is kept private and never shared.  You can unsubscribe at any point.

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