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Ball of Light Belly + Body Oil for Prenatal + Postnatal Skin Care

Praise: “...during my pregnancy, Nicole decided to make the most incredible belly oil that both moisturized my stomach and faded in stretch marks from a pregnancy 13 years ago!” - Karen Ford, Licensed Master Social Worker

This vitamin-rich, smooth blend super hydrates and nourishes your skin - assisting in preventing/addressing existing stretch marks.  Other benefits include: restoring luster to hair, helps to moisture entire skin, all-natural lip moisturizer, nipple care, and a rich massage oil for tired, achy feet.  


Instructions: Do not ingest or place close to the eyes or mucus membrane.  Pour a desired amount in your hand and gently massage on your entire belly, in a clockwise motion, three times per day.  As you apply, allow yourself to emotionally, and holistically connect with baby.  S(he) is your greatest partner during your pregnancy.  As you nurture you, s(he) is also nurtured.




Happy Mama + Baby All-Purpose Aromatherapy Oil

Praise: "The c section repair oil has helped me to feel like I have some control over what happened to my body. When I apply it, I feel like I am also healing emotionally. I've noticed a physical difference too. Other moms need this production..." - Weronika

Dubois, The Nanny Consultant


THE harmonious blend of botanical ingredients to gently and deeply heal the incision while supporting you to acknowledge and balance your emotions post-surgery.   Your body needs time and love to recover so be patient with yourself and your healing journey. 


Instructions: Do not ingest or place close to the eyes or mucus membrane.  Pour a quarter-size amount in your hand and gently massage on the incision (new or older scars), in a clockwise motion, three times per day.  As you apply, thank yourself, and your body for its strength and courage to give birth.  Your amazing body did an amazing thing, and that’s quite special.



Nourishing C-Section Oil
Flourishing Health Flower Essence Blends 

Praise: “Dear Nicole: Thanks so much for your very thoughtful gift. We LOVE It!" 

Love, Bethenny (Bethenny Frankel: American Reality Television Personality, Entrepreneur, Mama to Bryn)


Your all-in-one, go-to topical solution to use for everyday mama and baby skin health.  Instead of you buying 3 or 4 different products to assist multiple health-related concerns, you now have ONE unique product! This is your must-have product to keep in your family's natural health medicine cabinet or take with you, when on the go with baby.  Beneficial for: occasional diaper rash, minor cuts and bruising, cracked, sore nipples, promoting relaxation and stress reduction, gentle hair care and body oil, minor tummy upset, minor postpartum body aches.


Instructions: Do not ingest or place close to the eyes or mucus membrane. Slowly pour up to a quarter-size amount in your hand and gently apply to area up to three times per day, or as desired.  Wash oil off nipples before breastfeeding.  Smell the aroma, and allow your response to stress to soften, and fade while reminding you that you are an innately Happy Mama! p.s. as you apply the oil on baby, tell her/him how loved she is, and a welcomed addition to the family, and the world :-) 


Praise: "I saw a noticeable improvement in Ian's skin and reduction in itchiness. I'm honestly surprised that Ian is doing so well with it. It soaks in so quickly and has kept him well moisturized better than anything I've used in him so far".  - Lorraine Pak/mother expressing her joy with the immediate and lasting benefits of our topical eczema essential oil and flower essence cream for her son


Flower essences are botanical ingredients that assist in balancing emotional upsets that contribute to physical health conditions.  To experience your own unique flower essence creations, and/or to experience Flourishing Health Consultation Package to address the root source of any skin conditions, please contact the practice to schedule private telephone consultations.  




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