"The giving and sharing of Love nourishes All"


Invest in yourself, and you invest in others.  


With our 'Pay It Forward' trimester (January, May, September) campaign, a percentage of sales is donated in the form of items, financial contributions, and other valuable offerings, to organizations with a mission of service and love.


Next campaign: September 2020

From now until September 2020, a percentage of sales, of our private sessions, and programs will be donated to organizations making sure schools and community programs have the support they need to keep feeding children during the pandemic.


Previous campaign recipients:

Pads4Girls, an organization that provides sustainable, affordable menstrual care products for girls in need living in developing nations.

* Our e-newsletter subscribers and audience generously donated to Kangu, which funds healthcare services for pregnant mothers around the world.


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One of the greatest joys of being alive is to be a woman, but when you have fibroids, endometriosis, menstrual pain that joy can feel miles away or non-existent.  Let's change that story, and fall in love with being a woman with
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Address any feminine reproducive health condition with this program!
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Create + build a foundation of health for you and your family in which your emotional pain becomes peace, you're sick less often, recover quicker, and become healthier everyday.

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"Dear Nicole: Thanks so much for your very thoughtful gift.  We (Bryn and I) LOVE IT!" - Bethenny Frankel ~ Entrepreneur | American Reality TV Personality referring to our 'Happy Mama + Baby Oil'

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