"Thank You"


"Beloved...I wish you many, many blessings on your endeavors!! BE BLESSED" - Iyanla (Iyanla Vanzant/Best-Selling Author, Motivational Spiritual Speaker, guest teacher on Oprah's Lifeclass, and host of Iyanla: Fix My Life on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)

"You have lovely products" - Latham Thomas/Founder of Mama Glow and author of 'Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy' referring to Birth Support Kit

"I had been using Nicole's services for my son initially to help with his allergies.  We had tried every pill and inhalant under the sun, but he still continued to suffer. Imagine my complete joy at his miserable state vanishing on the second day of using her cream!  We ended up treating him also for sensory [processing disorder] issues and treating myself for various health issues for stress management and sleep with the support of nutritional counseling, stress reduction techniques, and more.  Her unique approach has made an enormous positive impact not only on our physical health without the use of pharmaceuticals, but on our family dynamic. I can't express enough how much she has helped us. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and supportive.  I would recommend her highly for anyone who is looking for a safe, natural way to better their health. I consider Nicole now a permanent part of my family's wellness team." - RD/textile designer | Flourishing Health Telephone Consultations client

"These are awesome! Thank you!" - Kate Northrup/Author of Money: A Love Story and Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women referring to Birth Support Kit

"I had placenta previa, and was so scared. I consulted with Nicole and that all changed. She applied the body/energy work on my womb and heart, and I was immediately eased. The fear I had gently calmed, and I could also feel diminished distressed within my baby. We were able to address the placenta previa, and I went on to have a lovely, safe birth. Thank you so much Nicole. I feel like you saved me and my baby. I am forever grateful." - Indrani | Mommy to two sweet girls | Holistic Synergy Energy Work client

"Dear Nicole: Thanks so much for your very thoughtful gift.  We LOVE IT!"  Love, Bethenny (Bethenny Frankel, American Reality Television Personality, Entrepreneur, and mama to daughter, Bryn, (referring to Happy Mama + Baby All-Purpose Aromatherapy Oil)

"Nicole's wellness plan, which included homeopathy products and nutritional recommendations, saved my son from having a tonsillectomy. We were so close to having surgery, but decided to give this route a chance. So glad we did!  Thanks, Nicole!!" - Teresa | Mommy to Noah | Homeopathy client

"It's great to know that you are doing this important work!" - Kelly McLane | Early Childhood & Family Educator referring to Rebirth: Transforming Sexual Trauma Program

"Flower essences literally transformed my experience with night terror.  After 6 years of waking up in fear and terror [from sexual abuse trauma], incoherent, at times, getting dressed, while sleeping, and hastily leaving the house in the middle of the night, I experienced a significant decrease in episodes after I started to take the flower essence blend everyday.  In combination with ongoing sessions with Nicole, the night terrors have completely ceased.  I feel so much more safer, and have regained a peace that was missing from my life.  I am beyond grateful!!"  – NT, Teacher | Flower Essence Wellness Therapy client

"I ordered my Birth Support Kit from Nicole this past fall. Normally, I ask my clients to purchase and bring along their favorite lotions or scents to incorporate into the birth process. However, sometimes they forget or because it may not be immediately accessible, we don’t get to use it. So when I found out that Nicole was offering the Birth Support Kit, I had to jump at the opportunity to have my own aromatherapy set. What I love about this set is that each lotion or oil is formulated to meet a specific need for the birthing mama and also includes a postpartum massage cream. I also don’t need to carry several different kinds of essential oils – everything is pre-made and ready to be used. I had the opportunity to use the Emotionally-Empowered Mama [therapeutic massage cream] for a mom as we were preparing for an unexpected but necessary cesarean. Mother was calm, relaxed, and in joy to see her baby.  I've never seen a more together and in love mama as she held her baby in recovery and nursed her for the first time.  I also incorporate the Birth Support Kit in my prenatal visits.  Thanks Nicole for the Birth Support Kit! I love it and my clients do too!" - Lakeisha Dennis | Owner at Lighthouse Birth Services

"I learned that the cyst in my left ovary was infected and had spread to my fallopian tube. I immediately consulted with Nicole and have been feeling way less pain and the infection clearing out. My wellness plan includes aromatherapy (I've been applying an essential oil blend on my ovary and entire reproductive system), taking my personalized herbal blend, and addressing emotional pain I've been holding onto in my ovary... I knew Nicole would be the best practitioner to support my body to heal!! UPDATE: The infection has completely cleared out!! Thanks again, Nicole!!" - Angelica | Natural Medicine Enthusiast | Flourishing Health Telephone Consultations client

"Not only have I been using it [Nicole’s aromatherapy meditation oil] before bed (and sleeping more sound because of it) and after yoga, but I used it on a reiki client and it made the session even more peaceful than usual". – Johnnie Niel/Reiki Practitioner

"You continue to manifest such amazing creativity. You wear your journey well". - Julia Bennett/Holistic Health Care Practitioner

"Looks wonderful!!" - Emma Heming Willis | Mommy Blogger and wife of actor, Bruce Willis, referring to NOURISH Product Solutions for Mommy + Baby

“Prior to meeting with Nicole, I had been experiencing pain in my Achilles’ tendon.  As an avid athlete and, for my health in general, I became increasingly concerned.  I had tried other methods to address it, but nothing worked.  Once I started with the Reflexology sessions with Nicole, I noticed an immediate change; the pain began to subside and my efficiency as a triathlon athlete also greatly improved, thanks to my increased stamina, speed and agility in my body and feet; to the point where I have now qualified for the US National Championships. The ongoing sessions continue to support my general health, along with my athletic performance.  Thanks for doing a great job!” - D. Molloy, Owner at Molloy Business Development Group | Foot Reflexology Wellness Therapy client

"Dear Nicole: Thank you so much for sending the beautiful oil for Zia!  It is so so so lovely!!  With love, Anjali"
Anjali Kumar, Former Senior Counsel at Google, General Counsel and Head of Social Innovation at Warby Parker, TEDWomen Speaker, and mom to daughter, Zia, (referring to Happy Mama & Baby All-Purpose Aromatherapy Oil)

"Nicole, I so wish you were in California. I'd love to have you offering your great services and insights at The Mother Nurture Center" - Stephanie Morales/Founder and Clinical Director of The Mother Nurture Center

“While providing 'Holistic Home Care' during my pregnancy, Nicole decided to make the most incredible belly oil that both moisturized my stomach and faded in stretch marks from a pregnancy 13 years ago!” - Karen Ford, Licensed Social Worker, Ball of Light Belly & Body Oil (for pre, during and post pregnancy skin care)

"Your oils are wonderful." - Sheila Holz/Birth Doula referring to Birth Support Kit

"Thanks Nicky! I received the package on Saturday. I've been applying the oil. It feels great! Thanks again!!!" - Winifred Dorce-Evans | Manager, Integrated Clinical Trial Management Programs at PRA Health Sciences (referring to her personally-customized Beautiful Belly + Body Oil)

"An honor to support the great work you do and products you create." - Trish DeTura/Board Certified Nurse Midwife

"Along with dietary changes, gut health support, and the eczema cream, I saw a noticeable improvement in Ian's skin and reduction in itchiness. I'm honestly surprised that Ian is doing so well with the cream. It soaks in so quickly and has kept him well moisturized better than anything I've used on him so far".  - Lorraine Pak/mommy to Ian | Flourishing Health Telephone Consultations client

“My skin is smoother, more supple and has a natural sheen.  It leaves a pleasant fragrance when I move around the room.  People ask me what am I wearing and how did I get my skin so soft and smooth”. - Deborah Harris/VP of Office Services at Goodwill Industries of Greater New York - receiving and using her personalized aromatherapy body oil

“Once I received the aromatherapy blend I began to use it daily, within a week I noticed that the blemishes on the sides of my face were starting to fade.  The blemishes had been there for many years and I have tried other skin care products that worked temporarily.  Nicole’s creation continues to work very well.  There is an even tone to my skin, something I’ve never had.  I've also seen an amazing improvement with my inner health, which makes the skin healing that much faster.  Nicole has changed how I see and feel about myself.  Thank you so much!”. - Muriel Cox, Home Health Aide | Aromatherapy Wellness Therapy client

"Just treated my feet to an otherworldly reflexology experience with Nicole.  The bliss was radiating all over my body and making my brain tingle.  I very sincerely did not want it to end! I crave your beautiful reflexology artistry" - Claire Noelle Frost, Owner at Bliss Coaching | Foot Reflexology Wellness Therapy client

"It gave me a radiant glow and evened out my complexion too. Also, it smelled amazing!" - Heather Newton, Mama Model and Owner at SuperHumanity on receiving and using her personalized Aromatherapy Blend


"I was in serious respiratory distress, and had been sick for some time. No other medicine worked to give me the relief I needed, until I met with Nicole. She created a herbal remedy for me that immediately cleared the congestion in ONE APPLICATION!! Her creation worked quickly, and efficiently in freeing up the ailment. If you are open to natural and organic remedies, I strongly recommend consulting with her. You will receive the results you seek!" - Karen Panton, Administrative Support Staff | Herbal Wellness Therapy client

"I love using the oil for our nightly massage and feeling the scar tissue as its healing under my fingers" - Alexis Arvidson / mother expressing her joy with the therapeutic benefits of our aromatherapy blend to assist the hemangioma her daughter experiences.

"Your interview [on healing sexual abuse trauma within the body] was one of my personal favorites. You are a TRUE inspiration!" - Anna Seewald | Host of Authentic Moments podcast

"Dear Nicole:
Thanks so much for the sample! I love the scent, I can see how it could be so useful during labor.  I'll be placing my order for a birth kit soon...I wish you all the luck and love in the world for your wonderful and needed business - I'm so glad I found you!"


Kathleen Renee/Birth Doula

"Since taking the flower essences, I'm no longer feeling depressed. My blood pressure readings have gone down. Prior to taking the flower essences, I would get tired after walking for 5 minutes. Now, I can walk for more than one hour without getting tired. I feel happier, and energetic!  I have more energy to do things at home - like cooking, and playing with my niece. I'm also feeling more comfortable in talking and engaging with people, and I'm planning on starting a travel agency! Thanks, Nicole!!" - Bhagyashri Mavinkurve | Entrepreneur | Flower Essence Therapy client

"The c section repair oil has helped me to feel like I have some control over what happened to my body. When I apply it, I feel like I am also healing emotionally. I've noticed a physical difference too. Other moms need this production..." - Weronika Dubois - The Nanny Consultant

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you.  You have a deep passion for your craft that our clients will love.  I thought your (Reflexology) treatment was excellent, the explanation of treatment and after care advice is something our clients will respond to well.  I really didn't want the treatment to end". - Claire Beevers | Co-Founder/Owner of Smith & Brit Boutique and Spa

"The arthritis oil worked wonders on the issue with my thumb".  - Laura Garber | Mom + Grandma 

"As an associate and fellow natural healthcare practitioner sharing mutual goals for the health and healing of the world, and with my interpersonal experience with Nicole for many years now, I confidently encourage any new mom, soon to be mom and all who choose a healthier, happier way of life through natural health options to contact Nicole for a full and comprehensive consultation.  Nicole provides her knowledgeable expertise in many areas of natural medicine in harmony with a presentation of herself, services and product lines. You are blessed in the hands of Nicole". - Mora Danu-Michaels | NNJ Director at Northeast Holistic Center

"Love your products..." - Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Creator and Director at Orgasmic Birth

"Hi Nicole...You have a most radiant smile!!! C" - Dr. Christiane Northrup, author and women's health and wellness pioneer

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