This vitamin-rich, smooth blend super hydrates and nourishes your skin - preventing and fading existing stretch marks! 

Other well-needed benefits include:

* restore luster to hair

* moisturize entire skin, including lips

* nipple care

* cuticle repair

* shaving gel substitute

* soothe sunburn

* natural make-up remover

* soothing massage oil for tired, achy feet

Ingredients: Organic Virgin Coconut Cream, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Shea Butter, Vitamin E Oil. (No essential oils)  8 ounces 

Instructions: Do not ingest or place close to the eyes or mucus membrane. 

Pour a desired amount in your hand and gently massage on your entire belly, in a clockwise motion, three times per day.  

As you apply, allow yourself to emotionally, and holistically connect with baby.  S(he) is your greatest partner during your pregnancy.  As you nurture you, s(he) is also nurtured.

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All products are created by Certified Aromatherapist, and Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Nicole Angela Tucker.

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  • “...during my pregnancy, Nicole decided to make the most incredible belly oil that both moisturized my stomach and faded in stretch marks from a pregnancy 13 years ago!” - Karen Ford, Licensed Master Social Worker


    "Looks wonderful!!" - Emma Heming Willis | Mommy Blogger and wife of actor, Bruce Willis

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