Ease any fear or worry about childbirth.

When you have the right support in place, you'll fall in love with giving birth!

Birth Support Kit is your trusted birthing companion that makes your birthing journey feel so much more easier, nurtured, loving, gentle, peaceful, and empowered.

Each product in the kit can be applied by you, your partner/husband, a friend, or doula.

Smell the aroma and/or apply topically, the kit consists of 5 key products that give you what you need the most during childbirth:

Brave Body Massage Oil, 2 ounces
Apply the oil, and get amazing results for:
body pain relief (lower back, legs, hips...)
pelvic opening
muscle relaxation
joint flexibility
stopping spasms

Emotionally-Empowered Birth (Massage Cream), 2 ounces 
Apply the cream, and experience lasting support with:
trusting your body again (post abuse and trauma)
emotional strength/courage

Mentally-Majestic Birth (Massage Oil), 2 ounces
Apply the oil, and experience the best support for:
fearful thoughts
relaxed breathing
mental alertness/visualization 

Enchanted Birth Room Spray, 2 ounces
Spray the birth space, and experience your perfect birthing environment: 
emotionally supportive

Postpartum Harmony Massage Cream, 2 ounces
Apply the cream, and experience:
positive feelings
support with healthy breast milk flow
healthy long-term postpartum/natal journey
physical, emotional, and mental balance and grounding
a loving and nurturing exchange between mother and baby

*Kit can also be applied throughout the postpartum journey.
*Birth professionals (doulas, etc): This kit can last 6 or more births.

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All products are created by Certified Aromatherapist, and Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Nicole Angela Tucker.


Read Nicole's expert response, in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, on the benefits of aromatherapy (essential oils) during childbirth.


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  • "Love your products..." - Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Creator and Director at Orgasmic Birth


    "I ordered my Birth Support Kit from Nicole this past fall. Normally, I ask my clients to purchase and bring along their favorite lotions or scents to incorporate into the birth process. However, sometimes they forget or because it may not be immediately accessible, we don’t get to use it. So when I found out that Nicole was offering the Birth Support Kit, I had to jump at the opportunity to have my own aromatherapy set. What I love about this set is that each lotion or oil is formulated to meet a specific need for the birthing mama and also includes a postpartum massage cream. I also don’t need to carry several different kinds of essential oils – everything is pre-made and ready to be used. I had the opportunity to use the Emotionally-Empowered Mama [therapeutic massage cream] for a mom as we were preparing for an unexpected but necessary cesarean. Mother was calm, relaxed, and in joy to see her baby.  I've never seen a more together and in love mama as she held her baby in recovery and nursed her for the first time.  I also incorporate the Birth Support Kit in my prenatal visits.  Thanks Nicole for the Birth Support Kit! I love it and my clients do too!" - Lakeisha Dennis/Birth Doula


    "You have lovely products" - Latham Thomas/Founder of Mama Glow and author of 'Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy' 


    "Dear Nicole:
    Thanks so much for the sample! I love the scent, I can see how it could be so useful during labor.  I'll be placing my order for a birth kit soon...I wish you all the luck and love in the world for your wonderful and needed business - I'm so glad I found you!"


    Kathleen Renee/Birth Doula

    (*No sample given out at this time)


    "Your oils are wonderful." - Sheila Holz/Birth Doula 

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