Having your little peanut's baby oil double as a remedy for the occasional diaper rash, sound sleep, mosquito repellent and bite, and so much more makes all the difference in the world!

Mommy, enjoy the benefits for you as well, as you bond with your sweet new joy.


*easy to apply
*non-toxic ingredients/no mineral oil or corticosteroid

Instead of buying 4 or 5 different products (that don't work), you now have ONE unique product that does! 

An absolute-must for: 

* occasional diaper rash (including dry skin, heat rash, cradle cap)
* soothing tissue, muscle, nerve pain
* minor cuts, bruising, mosquito repellent and bite
* cracked, sore, irritated nipples from breastfeeding 
* relaxation and peaceful sleep
* hair care and body oil 

* skin-moisturizing + nourishing during + post-sun exposure
* soothing teething discomfort (apply around the jaw, ear, and neck)
* strengthening mommy + baby bonding through touch + therapeutic oils


Ingredients: Essential Oils of Lavender, and Tea Tree and Calendula Flower-infused Olive Oil.  2 ounces


Instructions: Do not ingest or place close to the eyes or mucus membrane. Slowly pour up to a quarter-size amount in your hand and gently apply to area up to three times per day, or as desired. 

Wash oil off nipples before breastfeeding. 

Smell the aroma, and allow your response to stress to soften, and fade while reminding you that you are an innately Happy Mommy!

p.s. as you apply the oil on baby, tell her/him how loved s(he) is, and a welcomed addition to the family, and the world. :-) 


All products are created by Certified Aromatherapist, and Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Nicole Angela Tucker.


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  • “Dear Nicole: Thanks so much for your very thoughtful gift. We LOVE IT!" 

    Love, Bethenny (Bethenny Frankel: American Reality Television Personality, Entrepreneur, Mommy to Bryn)

    "Looks wonderful!!" - Emma Heming Willis | Mommy Blogger and wife of actor, Bruce Willis

    Read more 'praise + love notes' about our products and services.

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"Dear Nicole: Thanks so much for your very thoughtful gift.  We (Bryn and I) LOVE IT!" - Bethenny Frankel ~ Entrepreneur | American Reality TV Personality referring to our 'Happy Mama + Baby Oil'

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