Prosperous Affiliate Partner Program


I am passionate and committed to positively contributing to, empowering, and supporting the evolving health consciousness of women, children, and the world.  With my company's prosperous affiliate partner program, I am thrilled to partner with individuals and companies with the same mission.


Twice per year, my company spotlights and offers one of our signature programs, Reproductive Replenish 6-Presentation Online Program for Women, that is also presented to affiliate partners to co-promote, and receive a handsome payout.  Enrollment is now open, and closes on Thursday, January 24, 2018 at 3:00pm EST with the first presentation rolling out on January 30, 2018.

Reproductive Replenish is designed for the woman who is ready to nourish and address the root source of any condition in her reproductive system while deepening self-love.  The program comprises of 6 audio presentations that are sent to her, via email, to listen to and apply to her wellness journey.

Presentation 1 (January 30, 2018 at 8:00am EST): Celebrating Your Core

We will examine the role unconscious and conscious eating play in affecting your reproductive system, as well as your spiritual connection to food, and nourishment.  You will learn how to feel more vibrant and alive by changing your perspective about food, and choose to eat foods that nurture your reproductive system, your entire being, and honors deep self-love! 

Wellness Product SupportAfter this presentation, one bottle of an elite-quality digestive enzyme solutions and one bottle of probiotics will be shipped to you to enhance your digestive health and absorption of the nutrients from food. (U.S. residents only) 

Presentation 2 (February 9, 2018 at 8:00am EST): Hydrate + Raise Your Vibration

A dehydrated and clogged body, due to a challenged lymphatic system, makes it hard for your reproductive system to remain healthy.  I will present the significance of and how to appropriately hydrate your body/cells, how to cleanse your lymphatic system, along with key physical exercises that support you to create your healthiest reproductive system.  You will come to know how it feels to truly live in a hydrated body, and witness a lighter, freer energy within your body from gentle, safe, ongoing cleanse. You'll feel the shift of stagnation to heightened circulation in your reproductive system.

Wellness Product Support: After this presentation, one bottle of a high-vibrancy homeopathic solution for hydrating your cells, and one bottle of a homeopathic solution to gently cleanse the lymphatic system will be shipped to you. (U.S. residents only) 


Presentation 3 (February 20, 2018 at 8:00am EST): Get Clear About Your Purpose + Passion

Stomach rules everything in health!  If stomach health is compromised, due to enzyme depletion, or other factors, everything in your body, including your reproductive system, is affected. You will continue to learn how to create flourishing nutritional health by nourishing your stomach/digestive system, including exploring the value of drinking fresh vegetable juices (recipes provided). You will learn the value of being conscious of your deep creative interests, and how to access the passions and purpose your spirit, and womb is asking you to give birth to.  Whatever joys and calling you don't give life to, they can become stuffed in your reproductive system.  I'll teach you how to unlock them, and let them out - powerfully and purposely!

Wellness Product Support: After this presentation, two products will be shipped to you.  One bottle of an elite-quality digestive enzyme solutions and one bottle of probiotics to continue to optimize your digestive health and absorption of the nutrients from food. (U.S. residents only)


Presentation 4 (March 2, 2018 at 8:00am EST): Master Your Thoughts

In week four of our presentation, hormonal health (via the brain) and your thoughts are the spotlight topics.  What do you really think about yourself?  And, how are these thoughts affecting your reproductive health? You will learn how to identify negative thinking, and how to exercise conscious thinking to start to reprogram your brain to think positive, healing thoughts - thoughts that feel good in your brain/hormones, and reproductive system.  Get ready to think magnificent thoughts about how amazing you are!  

Wellness Product Support: After this presentation, two bottles of our unique and powerful herbal tinctures, along with one bottle of an essential wellness supplement will be shipped to you to assist your endocrine system (hormonal health), and provide nutritional support to your reproductive system. (U.S. residents only) 


Presentation 5 (March 13, 2018 at 8:00am EST): Empowering Your Emotions + Healing Your Inner Girl

Our emotions can be a driving force in what we choose to hold onto, and, for many women, they hold on in their hearts, breasts, and reproductive system.  Part of that holding on stems from painful childhood experiences that were never appropriately addressed.  Are you identifying with your wounded girl instead of your empowered woman?  You will learn how to answer this question by identifying the root source of the emotional upset you're carrying in your reproductive system, and what powerful steps to take to transform the stories and pain. Exploring this area will deepen self-intimacy, and guide you to better understand the origins of the reproductive imbalance.  Your relationship with your mother and your 'inner mother' are spotlighted, which will naturally and significantly affect the health of one of your core feminine energies - your reproductive system.  You will unearth, and learn to live from your powerful woman while building a sustainable, emotional life from a full and rich inner well.

Wellness Product Support: After this presentation, our highly-supportive 'I Love Being A Womban' flower essence blend will be shipped to you to assist with strengthening your emotional perspective of the feminine energy, and release the emotional pain in your reproductive system. (U.S. residents only) 


Presentation 6 (March 23, 2018 at 8:00am EST): Stop Believing. Know Who You Are.

Your spiritual health is the root source of all you manifest in your life.  Spiritual refers to your beliefs - about love, safety, health, parenting, trust, being a woman... Getting to the heart of what you deeply believe has the power to positively transform your relationship with yourself, others, as well as your reproductive system, which allows your world to open up, expand, and blossom abundantly.  You will learn how to identify the core negative beliefs affecting your reproductive health, and you will be provided a generous list of effective ways to transform core negative beliefs to core positive beliefs, along with better understanding your true identify versus manufactured identity based on familial ties.  Other simple and highly-effective self-care rituals and practices will be shared with you to experience the outstanding womb and reproductive health, and life you choose to create.  Get ready to step into, and embrace the fullness of your light by exercising your power to change your beliefs to shift pain and hurt within your reproductive system, and entire body.

Wellness Product Support: After this presentation, our masterfully-prepared aromatherapy blend, 'Womb Wellness', will be shipped to you to assist to navigate your reproductive system into balance. (U.S. residents only) 


*Each presentation is scheduled over a week apart to support you to gently adjust to the profound changes you'll experience*


The basic guideline for the affiliate program is: for each woman you refer, who purchases the program within the enrollment period, you will receive a $700 referral fee, which would be mailed to you as a check or money order by the end of the week of the client’s purchase.  


Affiliate partners are strongly encouraged to gently (non-aggressively) refer the program to women (living in the United States) who are open to exploring and committing to a natural, organic, and holistic approach to address their reproductive health, and conditions, such as fibroids, menstrual pain, ovarian cysts...  Feel free to refer the program to your social media audience, e-newsletter subscribers, friends, family, clients/patients/students, and other appropriate platforms.


You may learn the full details of the program here.  Enter password, RRprogram, to view.

If the program's mission is in alignment with your own health and wellness principles and values, and you believe it would benefit the holistic healing of women's reproductive health, and you would like to become a prosperous affiliate partner, please fill out this form, and return back to our practice - NicoleAngelaTucker at gmail dot com.  




Bio: Nicole A. Tucker is the owner and principal practitioner and educator of a leading natural and holistic health practice serving feminine, maternity, and infant/children health.  Nicole holds many titles in complementary and alternative health, including Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and Holistic Synergy Energy Work Practitioner - all expertly applied in her private sessions, group wellness programs, birth doula service.  As a practitioner, Nicole assists in powerfully transforming the health and quality of living of her clients, and the world.  An educator and instructor, Nicole teaches live health webinars and courses relating to empowering the holistic - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - health of women and families.  She has written articles on the value of complementary and alternative medicine, and the evolving consciousness of women.  A featured aromatherapy expert in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, one of Nicole's engaging written pieces, 'Women...Let Us Heal Ourselves', can be seen in Inner Realm: A Magazine Dedicated to Your Personal Journey to Total Health of the Body, Mind and Spirit.