Product Solutions for Mommy + Baby

"nourish the skin you're in"

One of my closest friends was on pregnancy bed rest, and I wanted to support her in the best possible ways to enjoy her pregnancy and feel loved. I helped out with chores, preparing meals, and ensuring she felt comforted. I was also enrolled in an aromatherapy certification course, at that time, so I decided to make my very first belly and body oil for her (see Ball of Light Belly + Body Oil). I fell in love with caring for her (and baby) and product creation. I instantly became committed to making sure that women and their babies only experience the safest products, and care.

NOURISH Product Solutions are gentle-on-your-skin, non-toxic, botanical, handmade products to nourish your pregnancy, postpartum, and infant's skin, and health.  With your family's wellness at heart, all creations are synthetic-free, cruelty-free (no animal testing), no toxic mineral/petroleum oil, contain 100% pure essential oils, and are packaged in reusable or recyclable bottles. All work stations, where our products are created, are sanitized and gloves are worn. We only ship within the United States.

To create a maternity/baby registry, send us an email.

p.s. With the love and support my bestie received while on maternity bed rest, she happily gave birth to her sweet baby boy!