Factors You Must Consider Before Having Baby!

Dear Friend,

I invite you to consider the following:

Your intentions of creating a baby: Is the desire to conceive, or adopt a baby born out of a place of love, loneliness, fear, or other? Being honest with yourself as to the purpose of getting pregnant (or becoming a parent) will bring forth clarity and the opportunity to move forward in your decision from a place of consciousness and empowerment.

Your childhood experiences:

Are you at peace with your own childhood (and any trauma experienced at that time), as well as your relationship with your parents/care providers? Do you know if your holistic - physical, emotional, mental - needs were supported as a child? Will you know how to support your child's holistic needs - feeding him/her/them the right food for the body, knowing how to protect them, providing a safe home, communicating with them with love, etc?

Feelings about yourself and partner: It is crucial to consider how you truly feel about yourself, your openness to give and receive love, and the role of motherhood. What role does your partner play in the decision to get pregnant? Will he or she be present and fully involved in the journey? Have you discussed your views on parenting from a certain religious model, circumcision, spanking...? Will you choose single parenting? What resources would you like to assist you? How’s the health of your womb? Preparing the womb space to conceive is essential in ensuring a safe and healthy home for your baby to grow, as well as ensuring that your health and body can safely support baby to full term. If there are any health challenges, consider utilizing natural therapies, such as conscious eating, aromatherapy and herbs, as they are gentle and non-toxic on the body.

How would you like to be supported throughout your pregnancy and childbirth?

Research what options would best serve you and baby. Will it be conventional medicine and/or a holistic health approach (which may include aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, and herbs)? Will you use plant-based support as you welcome baby into the world? Being well-educated on each option allows you to be empowered in your choices.

How’s your diet! It's best to consume foods that strengthens, cleanses and nourishes the body; which include appropriate portion and food pairing, moderation and listening to your body when it signals a need for food. How much and what kind of water do you drink? It is best to drink ½ your body’s weight in ounces up to 100 ounces daily. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, 75 ounces of water is the minimum daily amount. Being hydrated is necessary for your complete health and well-being. If you're not giving this essential need to yourself, will you be able to give your baby his/her essential needs?

Are you getting the appropriate type of exercise? Exercise has been known to repair and strengthen the body, improve moods and assists in reducing pregnancy discomforts. Light, gentle stretches and brisk to medium paced walking are appropriate exercises that promote circulation throughout the entire body. This is a form of self-love. What are your stress levels and how do you deal with them? This is a main source of depletion of the essential elements that sustain a person’s body health. Naturally, stress is involved in the life experience, how you deal and address it is key. Meditation and/or listening to soothing music have been known to help with stress reduction, along with an innate belief in trust.

Lifestyle Choices: Refrain from smoking, alcohol consumption, and recreational drugs. The health ramifications can be quite extensive, including anemia, blood and heart challenges. Most drugs cross the placenta, so if you are already pregnant, this may cause a direct toxic effect on the fetus, including possible and drug dependency. After childbirth, drugs can be passed to the baby through breastfeeding.

I'd love to 'hear' from you. Is there anything that you would add?


p.s. You're a super-busy woman/mom. I know. I understand. That's why you can experience our problem-solving health sessions over the phone in the convenience of your home, office, car...

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