Are You Respecting Your Child By Asking For Her/His Permission?

We posted on Facebook: "Conscious Parenting: Ask for your child's permission to post pictures or any information about her/himself on Facebook or any place." The social media experience can be fun and engaging. It's another avenue for us to connect with and learn more about each other's lives via photos and personal information. When posting, the adult makes the decision to share whatever he or she chooses, which could include photos of family members, vacations, details of a child's status in school, dealing with a health condition, such as skin problems, and so on, but, what about the child? Does s(he) have a say in whether her picture or any details about his personal life gets posted? Asking your child for permission to share the details of his/her life shows respect and a sincere honoring of her rights. It builds inner self-value, trust of others, and nurtures healthy communication and interpersonal relationships. I encourage you to consider the other areas in your child's life where it is appropriate to ask for his/her permission...and honor it.


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