Baby Skin: What's emotionally irritating your little one?


The skin is a mirror of your inner health. Eczema, diaper rash, psoriasis, moles, warts, and other manifestations on the skin reflect stress points within the organs. Along with the physical stress within the body, your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs play a role as well. As your belief system (spiritual health) is the root of all manifestations, one possibility for an eruption on the skin is the belief in fear of being vulnerable or emotionally exposing oneself. Skin irritation on a baby and child could reflect the parents’ subconscious beliefs as babies/children tend to be sensitive to and mirror their parents and environment. There are gentle topical options and natural health therapies to support the organs, still, consider exploring all levels of development - physical, emotional, mental, and belief systems - in order to fully understand and address the core issue.

What about you: how do you handle changes in your baby or toddler's skin? Do you see the possible link between the skin outbreak and an emotional upset?


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