End Birth Trauma: Stop Pushing During Childbirth

The long-held belief that you must push during childbirth is false. The energy of pushing feeds the belief and further leaves an imprint on mother and baby that the process of birthing is meant to be a struggle and hard. The body is rhythmically aligned to a natural, ease-filled flow, it knows nothing about pushing, unless you are impatient and unloving to it.

Yelling, or even softly speaking, at a mother during childbirth - PUSH!!!!!! is hostile, and creates trauma for her, baby, the birth team, and every living thing on the planet. With that said, almost every soul came into physical being in deep trauma due to pushing, and other conscious and unconscious actions. Trauma that colors every aspect of our lives.

When you allow the belief and mental space of 'guiding', instead of 'pushing', as your way of welcoming baby into the world, you initiate a major shift in experiencing a trauma-free birth. By just saying the words, you can feel the difference of energy within your body - say 'push', then say 'guide'. I'm sure you feel it. Aggression versus peace.

You can use tools of essential oils, flower essences, and other natural therapies to lovingly and safely assist with deep comfort and the 'guiding' journey.

To truly experience the mantra of 'guide', in birth, and life, in general, it's important that you: feel safe in your body address your feminine health deeply trust your body deeply trust life be open to flow with the natural rhythm of guiding into manifestation that which you have created Allow the birthing process to unfold, with you as its guide. Pushing reflects the need to control the journey. Let go.

As birth professionals, we must experience these deep levels of trust within our own beings, in order to fully and honestly communicate this to clients. We can't share that which we lack within ourselves.

With Love, Nicole

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