Your Feel-Good Remedy During The Holiday Season

Hello There,

Is the holiday season a trigger of emotional upset for you as it can be for many people?

Consider these heart-felt suggestions to get you through:

1. Clean your home with ease and love - a clean space reflects the energy of releasing old, outdated beliefs and welcoming new, nurturing ones.

2. Commit to writing at least one thing you are grateful for everyday. It could be anything. For example, a friend contacted me recently to request assistance with a crisis she is going through. I was so grateful that she called, so I can be of service and extend love to her. Others include: grateful for clean, warm linens, grateful for being brave to create the life I most desire and choose, and lots more. Gratitude has the power to guide us through the thick of upset and fear into deep love and appreciation.

3. Place sweet, powerful reminders in your home, office, car, bag/ support you to feel, be, and shine the light within you.

4. Do something kind for another (anyone) - give a smile, give a hug/healing touch, give money, wash someone else’s dishes, rake your neighbor’s yard... Giving is a medicine in itself.

Sending YOU a smile and hug,


p.s. You are invited to join our wellness community, and receive the support you seek to #ChangeYourBeliefsChangeYourHealth.

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