Any trauma can be re-interpreted


As easy as we can change our minds about an idea, concept, what to wear to work, what to cook for dinner...we can change our view and perception about our life experiences, including those we consider traumatic. We also have the right to take as long as we choose to look at or examine a traumatic experience with re-newed spiritual and physical eyes that allow us to transform pain (or release all pain), as well as re-program the memory of the experience in our mind, heart, cells...everywhere. At the heart of any trauma, and the journey of transforming or releasing it, is knowing that you are safe. Safe in your body, safe in the world, safe to make such as change. Once you arrive at a place of knowing that you are always safe, the miraculous occurs - the ultimate shift of fear to love. Within our Rebirth: Transforming Sexual Trauma program, we educate women on the impact of holding onto the pain of sexual abuse trauma within the body, which can get lodged in the breasts and womb. This pain is carried through all of our experiences, including pregnancy, childbirth, parenting... Like any life experience that we go through, we have the power to learn from it, and press 'reset' on the vision we hold for our lives, and purpose in the world. You are never expected to transform the trauma on your own. Life will always provide the appropriate support. Simply ask, and allow yourself to receive.


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