Vaccination-Free Living: Is It For Your Family?

Hello Mamas + Families,

Within my practice, I assist families who are vaccination-friendly, and those who forgo vaccinations. With the latter, a main concern or point of focus, for families, is how to stay healthy when potentially exposed to different illnesses, at any given time. When such a family consult with me, I place an emphasis on staying healthy, in general. Staying healthy is really a vague statement, what I mean exactly is: creating and sustaining wellness according to the specific needs of their specific body.

I further express that healthy immune system is key, and I recommend focusing on stomach/digestive health as over 60% of immune health is located in the stomach. Your digestive system governs how your entire body functions. To support a healthy digestive system, I recommend conscious eating - eating what best suits your body. For example, it is often recommended to eat nuts and beans regularly. In truth, they are the main food groups that are super hard on the digestive system, and quite difficult to properly process. So finding out what best suits your body is vital.

Because most people's digestive health is compromised, I typically recommend digestive enzymes. They assist in aiding to optimize healthy digestion coupled with the proper diet. The nutrients from the food can then be appropriately distributed throughout the body, providing the body with what it needs to thrive and support keeping illness at bay. Enzymes are presented in capsule form, and can be ingested by members of the family, including: during pregnancy, and newborns. We use brands that have proven to be exceptional in supporting the body.

When sending your unvaccinated children to school, in which they will interact with children of varying health, the main focus is to release worry and fear. Those emotions can distract you from being at peace when your child(ren) is out in world, and, in truth, fear fuels dis-ease. Still, you can put in place complementary and alternative medicine wellness options, such as digestive enzymes, herbal tinctures, probiotics, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, that create and sustain optimum, thriving health that also address any dis-ease or illness that the body comes in contact with. Whatever school your child attends, look into the cleanliness, and health care precautions that they have implemented. Decide if it is in alignment with your family's core beliefs about wellness care.

Research, and be educated when choosing a vaccination-free life. If you choose this way of living for yourself, and family, there are many different, safe options to choose from to strengthen your body's systems, as well as empower your body to be prepared to safely face any changes in health.

Over to you: Does your family live a vaccination-free life? How does it impact your daily living experiences?


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