The Goddess Mother


Let's deeply re-align mothering with divine femininity by re-instating the love (not a controlled expression of 'love'), ease, freedom in allowing, boundaries, gentleness, emotional strength and courage that divine femininity represents. As mothering is one of the greatest reflection of God or Goddess-consciousness, key questions to consider are: who is God to you? How do you define the Creator within yourself or your life? Or do you define it at all? Whether divinity plays a role in your life or not, whatever you believe in you bring and apply to mothering.

Are you a mother who allows her child to make 'mistakes'? Are you affectionate in a balanced way? Do you sacrifice yourself for your children's wants? Do you feel much guilt in mothering and/or place guilt on your children? By being aware of who you are or choose to be as a mother, you can gain insight into what you believe about yourself and the role of mothering and parenting.

The choice to shift your mothering approach is always available to you. If you choose to create your mothering experiences from the approach of divine femininity, consider viewing and defining yourself, first as a feminine being. Once defined, you will shape your position as a mother, accordingly. For example, are you a feminine being who is gentle with herself, patient with herself, nourishes her reproductive health, positively transform trauma, loves herself unconditionally, creates and honors clear boundaries with herself, engages in daily self-care for her spirit, and so on? Whatever the answers, you will bring these value systems to your mothering experience.

The energy of divine femininity is powerful. You can call upon it to assist and guide you in your awareness and, possible re-newed definition of mothering.

Enjoy the transformation :-)


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