It's Safe to Be Vulnerable

Dear wellness community,

Please teach your children that it is healthy to be vulnerable, but first, as parents, it is important for you to be accepting and at peace with your own vulnerability.

Though it can be perceived that vulnerability is an indication of emotional weakness, it is an act of courage, especially if you find it difficult to be vulnerable. With vulnerability, you allow yourself the openness of being, expressing, sharing your true and deepest thoughts, emotions, whole energy while building no defenses. Please refrain from confusing this with angered/harsh expression to oneself and others. Vulnerability is soft, gentle, and seek to harm no one. With this exposure of baring one's self, you are essentially expressing that you live in trust, and that you are safe - no one's opinion of you can hurt you... You are in full appreciation of yourself and the honest energy you share in any given moment and experience.

Teach your children, especially the male child, that vulnerability engages and keeps the heart open, which expands the capacity of deep love in every and any area of his or her life.

Parents, are you accepting of your vulnerability? How has this journey been for you?


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