While Others Worry About Catching The Flu, You're Doing This!

Taking care of yourself is really simple. When you approach your health care with this mindset, there is less to no worry about your well-being, or, when dealing with a condition. You can also take the same approach if you're feeling concerned about catching the flu. During this time of the year, there appears to be heightened worry about colds/flu, and boosting the immune system. One of the best ways to ease this fear is to focus on being healthy - year-round. Not because you fear catching something, but because you love taking care of, and nurturing yourself. You are in joy to honor the needs of your health because you value yourself. However you choose to nurture your family's health during 'cold and flu season', and, in general, know that there are countless ways to go about it that are simple and effective. Our clients have found these to be super-helpful to assist in improving and maintaining healthy immunity, staying in good general health, and addressing any 'negative' shift in their health. In fact, as I'm writing this, I've been feeling 'under the weather'. The lifestyle recommendations below have also been gently guiding me through to wellness. When you prioritize your family's health everyday, you'll always be supported with the right solutions - everyday. * Keep fear of catching the flu, and fear, in general, in check as holding onto the energy of fear can compromise your health and feeds dis-ease. * Reduce/keep sugar intake - flour products, cakes, cookies, dairy, etc - at a bare minimum, or not at all, as it can suppress your immune system for several hours and more. * Get sufficient, well-rested sleep every night as your immune system is strengthened and the body undergoes much healing during the sleep state. * Drink half your body's weight in ounces of water everyday for optimum hydration, and to support your health to thrive and your body to stay in balance, instead of in dis-ease. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, then 70 ounces of water is ideal for your body and health. * As over 60% of the immune system is located in the stomach, take good care of it with the most appropriate diet for you, along with taking the right brand of digestive enzymes and probiotics. They assist to repair challenges within the stomach, and assist proper food digestion and nutrient absorption. Foods that are known to support your immune system include: garlic, ginger, fennel, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, turmeric... * Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to your home's cleaning products (including hand washing products) to assist in keeping the environment healthy, and everyone in it as tea tree essential oil is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune-stimulant. * Listen to your body. Practice being still. Take the time to turn off the noise - internal and external, and listen. Make this part of your everyday, non-negotiable self-care. Your body will tell you what it needs to respond to any form of stress, and it will tell you what it needs to be well. It may be rest, play, vacation, exercise, a good cry, a hug, talk with a friend or a professional... Whatever it needs, it will tell you. Essential oils, flower essences, and herbs are excellent tools for physical, emotional, and mental stress management. Like fear, heightened stress lowers immunity.

There are lots more ways to nourish your family's immune system, and overall health. The above is definitely a good place to start, and they also work well with your doctor recommendations. May you find them helpful for you and your family.

Over to you: What are some gentle, safe, and non-invasive ways that you support a flu-free, and flourishing health for you and your family?


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