How To Be The Most Amazing Woman

Breast and reproductive cancer, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, hysterectomy, sexual abuse... unfortunately, the list goes on to disclose a number of dis-eases women may face in their lifetimes...women of all races, nationalities, and socio-economic status. As I observe and listen to women speak and media information, it is as if when we think of ourselves as women we automatically commit to the fear of possibly getting these manifestations of imbalance. How did we get here? Do we look at society's influence? A society that fails to celebrate the true essence of femininity by suggesting that mothers, sisters, aunts, and wives take out their wombs than try to save and heal them. Still, women cannot be preyed upon unless permission is given. I question how much we truly love being women. The magnificent, divine powers that we possess tend to be suppressed for the sake of others and as a means to remain a victim to past experiences. A past that may have included sexual inappropriateness, unsatisfying parental guidance, and sibling competition - common ingredients that tend to shape us from earlier on. To truly own our power would require courage and an unapologetic stand of who we are and what we are capable of creating and being responsible for in our lives. These manifestation of pain does reflect the body's language of expressing that something requires acknowledgement and healing. A belief system about oneself and life has festered and gone unaddressed and has now landed in a way that can no longer be ignored, unless one chooses. Praise to the human body for being so honest and loving. The answer does not lie in taking a pill or looking at our doctor as God, or giving our power over to others to define our lives. It's crucial to understand that there are many contributing emotional and mental based factors that perpetuate these health challenges. Let us commit to defining ourselves from a place of truth and heal from within. Let us own the following: Let us be in full accountability and responsibilities of our bodies, minds and emotions. Let us be aware of the power and delicate nature of our wombs and breasts. Let us radically change our diets and how we perceive food. Let us utilize safe and gentle holistic methods to care for our health and well-being. Let us come to understand that mind, body, spirit are one, they do not work independent of each other. Let us stop hating other women for then we hate ourselves. Let us see our pregnancy as one of the most powerful creations, which makes us magnificent manifestors. Let us understand that we do not have to reveal our bodies in order to feel accepted and validated. Let us understand that we do not have to cover up our bodies in shame and self-loathing. Let us learn to let go of or address negative thought patterns, sexual abuse trauma, and other painful experiences that contribute to us blocking our deepest joy. Let us learn from fear and infuse more love.

Let us own and use our voices to express our boundaries, passions, joys, power, solutions... Let us communicate with our womb and breasts and invoke words of love and healing. Let us stop living in denial and honestly face our choices and ourselves. Let us view our breasts as nourishment of life, not as inanimate objects. Let us use our ability to visualize and heal our bodies. Let us be selective in who we choose to enter our vagina, the passageway of life, feminine power, and healing. Let us embrace our menstrual cycle as a monthly reminder of our spiritual powers, not as a monthly curse. Let us teach these affirmations to the girl children.

With Love,


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