Having A Hard Time Feeling Emotionally Close To Your Baby While Pregnant? Here's What You Do!

There are times, during your pregnancy, when you may find it hard to emotionally connect with your baby. That's ok. No need to beat yourself up. Do your best.

Be kind to yourself:

*light a candle, and take soothing showers or baths

*eat healthy, nutritious, delicious meals you absolutely love

*engage in gentle exercises/dance

*watch a comedy and laugh deeply

*allow others to assist/support you

*nurture your womb

*look in the mirror and smile at/with yourself, or just smile with yourself, in general

*ask baby to be patient with you as you adjust to the change of pregnancy

*write in a journal how you want to feel within your body and with your baby

*while creating your most-loved pregnancy, start to prepare to experience childbirth with the best support

*give yourself daily hugs, and tell yourself you're doing well :-)

The more feel-good energy you experience for yourself, and communicate with baby, s(he) benefits - strengthening his/her developing systems (digestive, immune, emotional, reproductive), as well as her developing beliefs in recognizing, creating, and receiving love and joy.

How do you connect with your baby? I'd love to know!


p.s. Making sure you are healthy, and taking care of any condition that shows up, are other supportive ways to love yourself, as well as your baby. If you need the best solutions for gestational diabetes, anxiety, sciatica, edema, and other health challenges, send a message to learn how I can assist.

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