True femininity is...

Hello Beauty!

True femininity lives within every breathing energy. It is the partner to true masculinity. Together, when working in divine harmony with each other, the being navigates and expresses its existence with higher light, vibrancy, and purpose. Today, we focus on true feminine essence. When it succumbs to fear, femininity (and masculinity) may disconnect from the Truth, and become a deteriorated version of itself.

When it is submerged in love, not fear, true femininity is soft, gentle, attentive, grounded, responsive not reactive, compassionate, honest self-awareness and expression, nurturing, it harnesses power from the womb and sexual (life force) energy, expresses creativity freely, a transformer of fear and trauma, respecter of boundaries, sees no mistake, it allows, it accepts what is, it is a breathing arsenal of spiritual tools and resources, it listens, it is deliberate, it gives and receives support, it knows, it lives in surrender, it is whatever your soul calls you to be...


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