The Cavity In Her Tooth Meant...

A current client contacted me because she had been having stomach problems for years. She had consulted with other practitioners, but received no true resolve to the issue. She felt I was her last hope. I knew I could assist her, so together, we created a personalized wellness plan for her. Your inner health is a mirror to your outer health.

After about 3 sessions, she mentioned to me that a particular tooth was throbbing throughout the day. I looked at the tooth (no, I'm not a dentist :-), but, as a holistic practitioner, I go where the information 'takes' me (most of the time), and yup, there was a big hole in the tooth. I told her I knew what was going on. I showed her the holistic dental map of the body's organs and systems connection to each tooth, and saw exactly what I had thought, the tooth was linked to the stomach area! No surprise really. The throbbing that she was feeling was the tooth responding to the positive changes in her stomach since starting the wellness plan. Your teeth tell the story of your health.

Did you know that the health of your teeth is a reflection of your inner health? Each tooth is connected to an organ or system within your body (see map). If there's a challenge in your mouth/teeth (such as cavity, bone loss, plague, tooth shifting, abscess, discoloration, etc), there's stress within a specific area(s) of your body.

For optimum dental health, the best course of action for you and your family is:

*to place a focus on eating food that nourishes and supports the healing of your body

*taking the right digestive supplements (remember: when stomach/digestive health is not working well, nothing works well in the body!)

*herbal tinctures can give your body nutrients its missing (lack of the right nutrients can cause tooth eroding, discoloration...) *consult with a holistic-minded dentist

Your outer health needs direct love too.

Partner the above approach with specific care for your teeth.

This specific dental care has been the best approach for my teeth. I highly recommend it for your family too:

*flossing after every meal + using proxy brushes

*using a soft to medium toothbrush

*brushing with herbal powders and essential oils

*rinsing/treating the mouth/gums/teeth with homeopathic remedies

*I also had the silver fillings (amalgams) removed from my teeth, and replaced with the tooth-colored composites. According to studies, silver fillings contain about 50% mercury, which can pose a danger to one's health.

...the above has been a saving grace for my own dental health. Find out what your teeth need to be healthy, and most importantly, what your whole body needs to flourish. Every change in your health is an opportunity to love yourself (your stomach, your heart, your breasts, and on) deeper. This includes your dental health. Find out what's really going on so you can make the necessary changes!


Over to you: What steps do you take to care for your teeth, and inner health?

p.s. Available private telephone sessions with me: *Improve your inner health. Repair your dental health. *How to address your child's whole health and prevent tonsil/adenoid surgery. *Ease the anxiety, and regain your peace. Want to become a private client? Inquire here. p.p.s. Read our #HomeTogether Wellness Guide to access supportive resources for you and your family during this time of global change.

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