How To Heal Your Money Fears

Did you know that our core beliefs are set by the time we are about 8 years old? Think about the beliefs you hold about love, family, life, work, relationships, money, yourself. Those beliefs were created as a child, unless you consciously change them.

A topic that is globally sensitive for many is one's relationship with money. This seems to be a subject of great pain and upset for many as money is seen as a lack or struggle in one's life. Contrary to how it may seem, money is NOT the issue. Think of as this: if there's a significant water stain on the ceiling of the wall, you'll most likely contact a professional to break through the wall to find out the source of the stain. With this being the case, if there's a constant challenge with your outer money experience, what's the inner source or reason for the issue? The source of any external experience is always within.

I believe a healthy place to start in answering this question is to examine the first conversations and discussions we heard as children regarding money. In the home, was the talk about money fear-based or love-based? Was it common to hear: 'we can't afford that' 'we don't have the money' 'money doesn't grow on trees' -or- seeing your parent(s) worry about money or talking about it from a place of lack or attaching how they felt about themselves to whether money was present or not All can be interpreted by the child as: having money is a problem and/or it is hard to attain. This is just one step that can powerfully assist you to gain a greater understanding of your relationship with money. There's no blaming the family, just utilizing the memory as information to facilitate strengthening your experience with money.

Also, examine: what does the experience of having money reflect for you? Does it reflect feeling worthy? Feeling safe and secure? Creating a false image of status to others? Feeling powerful? Does it solidify your freedom in the world? For example, one of my clients' beginning, defining belief about money was directly linked to a childhood sexual abuse experience. The abuser would either give her money, or promised to give her money to validate him abusing her. She then believed that money was bad, dirty, shame-filled, and connected to feeling powerless. During her private sessions with me, she experienced an amazing breakthrough of remembering this belief about money she had forgotten.

When there's lack or poverty thinking about money, and subsequent deficit manifestation of money, key areas of your life can be impacted - perhaps not buying the healthiest foods, not exercising daily self-care, unable to pay your bills, or not paying for the most suitable wellness care and medicine you deserve, and so on. You as a child may have created the limiting beliefs, but, now, you as the adult can change them.

Your relationship with money is linked to your second chakra (a main energy source within your body). This energy point is located within your reproductive system. A healthy, balanced chakra flows with ease with no block in energy. When there's a growth, and block - such as fibroids, cysts, and other conditions, these imbalances can mirror a block or fearful limitations in your belief system about self-worth, self-value, self-power, which all reflect your experience with money. You may also experience challenges in your lower back, and hips.

Start to journal your fears, worries, and past memories about money, and consciously decide, and create goals that speak to the type of relationship you would like to experience with money, and most importantly, what old, limiting beliefs you would like to transform. For example, you can phrase your positive money-healing statements as: I look forward to having a peaceful, joyful relationship with money. I am a happy recipient of the generous flow of money into my life. My life is satisfying with or without money. I am worthy of a rich, enjoyable life. I now choose a money experience that is filled with love and freedom. Addressing the source of the challenged relationship with money is a freeing experience because it resolves the inner limiting beliefs and creates an opening to build a healthy and purposeful relationship with yourself and money.

The truth is: You can afford anything that you choose - if you value it enough. YOU are in control of money, not the other way around. When you place value on: your physical health, emotional well-being, building a thriving life, as a powerful being - you can create the financial opportunities that will fund your fun! All of the fun ways you can show gratitude for your life by taking excellent care of your health, eat well, pay your bills on time, go on thrilling vacations, share your money with others, invest in wellness support that catapult your everyday from settling/painful to flourishing - in all areas of your life.


Over to you: How would you describe your relationship with money? What steps have you taken to strengthen your perception, approach, and relationship with money?

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