Prepare your child for school - the right way!

It's time to prepare your child to go back to school. Be educated in how you would like to support them, so they experience the healthiest and most fun learning journey! Consider these simple, and nurturing wellness solutions:

~ If packing breakfast and/or lunch for her, consider the appropriate food grouping for proper digestion and mental clarity and focus.

Protein + Vegetables = Yes Starch + Green Vegetables = Yes Protein + Starch = No Vegetables + Fruit = No Examples of protein includes: fish, skinless, white-meat poultry, lean beef, eggs, beans. Examples of starch includes: peas, potatoes, pasta, rice and grains. Know what food works best for your child's digestion, and overall health. To ensure his/her body is properly digesting the food, and absorbing the key nutrients needed for flourishing health, give them digestive enzymes and probiotics to take during the day. Ask us about our Natural Enzymes products.

~ Send him to school with his own essential oil (aromatherapy) hand purifier. Containing all natural anti-bacterial, and antiviral properties, it's a safe, and non-toxic approach to manage germs and hygiene, and assist minimizing feeling 'under the weather'.

~ Gently encourage communication about your child's day at school. Find out who are her friends, and how she's getting along with other students and teachers, and so on. Express to her/him that it's ok to be friends with a buddy from a different race, gender, and background. Start this process at an early age to support your child to feel safe and open to healthy self-expression, communication, and inclusive friendships/relationships. p.s. Also, get to know all of their teachers.

~ Get the right back pack for your child's body. Check out this site for great tips. And, please, make sure that your child isn't carrying excessive weight of books in his/her bag. If there's a locker, encourage leaving books there, instead of taking it home. Take home what is needed to get assignments done, but if that's still too much of a heavy weight, speak with the teacher about an alternative option. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, a child's backpack should weigh no more than 10 to 20 percent of his/her weight. The heaviness of books can disrupt the body's posture and structure, and emotionally, it supports the belief that life is hard, and a heavy load to deal with.

~ Invest in the proper shoes for your child to wear to school, and, in general. I know there are many cute styles in shoes, but do they fit properly and comfortably support your child's feet and body? You must consider this when buying shoes. You can get a fitting done at certain stores. There are points in our feet that correlate with specific areas within our bodies. For example, when shoes are too tight, there is a tightness that occurs within the body. Within the teachings of Foot Reflexology, when there's tightness in the toe area of shoes you're wearing, there is tightness in the head/brain.

~ Learn the 7 powerful steps to teach your child how to be safe in any environment, including school.

Happy learning!

What are some of your healthy back-to-school lifestyle choices that support your child in the most positive ways?


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