Are You Holding Onto Anger to Punish Another? Do This Instead!

Are you holding onto anger with the hopes of punishing another person? You feel wronged by someone, and think that by holding onto the upset/rage that you hold them responsible for hurting you. This is what you tell yourself, but, in truth, you are only hurting you. Whatever pain and upset you hold onto reflects an inner war with you, which can potentially grow into physical conditions within your body, and for women (or any person), that could mean conditions of the womb, heart, breasts... The pain colors every area of your life - your thinking, your feelings about life, relationships with your spouse/partner, children, and everyone you meet. Holding onto the pain affects how you perceive people, and how you interact with them.

You are the only one that can decide: I choose to address and heal this pain OR I choose to continue to hold onto this pain.

Here’s your empowerment challenge: Whatever situation you’re in - let’s say, for example, you feel anger towards someone at your job, I invite you to choose a different approach in how you see the person, yourself, and the situation. Every morning as you wake up, and every night right before you fall asleep, in your mind (while your dominant hand is palm-down placed on your heart – the center of your chest) see you and this person getting along well – speaking kindly to each other, creating ways to work together with mutual respect and mutually-beneficial outcomes, and see this positivity impacting the entire work environment. Do this challenge for 21 days (or longer), and make a note of all the changes that occur, and what you've learned from the challenge. If you're open to it, please feel free to share your experience below in the comments.

Regarding holding onto anger, in general, do you find it easy or challenging to address and release the anger you are projecting towards another? What are some ways you recognize and address anger in your life? Comment below.


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