Feel Empowered or Victimized? It's Up To You!

Every morning as I'm waking up I have several wellness rituals - I say a prayer of gratitude, I send healing light out into the world, and throughout my body, and I also choose how I want to feel throughout the day. For example, this morning, I decided that I want to feel peace, trust, and joy today. I may choose feelings according to what my spirit is asking for.

Choosing how you want to feel sets the tone for your day. It's also the energy you bring into your personal relationships, and your professional life. If you choose feelings that are nourishing to your entire being, you allow yourself to move throughout the day, and within the world much more empowered because you see your emotions as a choice, not something you are a victim to. If you truly hold this choice to be true, you then open yourself up to understand that no one can make you feel a certain way. You're the only authority in your life that gets to decide, and affirm how you feel, at all times. In truth, feelings aren't good or bad, still, each one will have a specific impact on your health. When you find yourself feeling an upsetting emotion about an experience, encourage yourself to see the experience differently - more positive, open to lessons you can learn, open to unveiling your spiritual wings and soaring above and beyond the pain - which will assist you to transform the upsetting feeling.

As a daily practice, I encourage you to start the day choosing how you want to feel throughout the day, and witness what happens! Witness how you view your surroundings, how you approach and interact with friends, family, clients, and everyday life experiences.

Over to you: do you have morning or daily rituals that nurture your health, or life goals? If you do, please share how they assist you.


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