Love + Honor Your Child: Stop The Spanking Now!

Did you know the term 'spanking' is used as an acceptable word/expression to abuse children?

As an adult, if your partner or another adult hits you, you have the right to call the police to report harm or abuse, right?? So, why is it then acceptable for a child to be hit without no real ramification for the parent unless the abuse is severe and ongoing - maybe. Please know that when you hit, or even threaten to hit your children, you're communicating to them that they are unsafe and unprotected in the home, their body, and the world. If the person (parent) they love and trust the most to keep them safe and do no harm can hit them, they then believe they are never safe in any situation because anyone can hurt them. Children can also create the belief that it is acceptable for them to bring harm to others - be it physical, emotional, mental - because this is what's being demonstrated to them. Is this the parenting approach you practice and/or choose to continue to practice? When exposed to any form of abuse, children can, in most cases, also develop physical and emotional health symptoms, such as bed wetting, digestive/immune issues, depression, eating disorders, skin conditions, and much more.

Parents, if, as a child, you experienced being hit by your parents, please know that you did not deserve it, no matter what may have occurred. Now, as a parent, you have the power to decide how you want and choose to nurture, and be responsible to your child, which will contribute to the healing of you being hit/spanked. Do you want to reflect to them that they are safe, secure, protected, and loved? If yes, refrain from spanking/hitting/abusing them, and if you have, in the past, sincerely ask them for forgiveness - whether they can verbally respond or not. Express to them that you were doing what you learned a long time ago, but now you're fully committed to changing your beliefs and learning to be a healthier person and better parent. It's a positive step in healing your beliefs, as well as supporting your children to understand the act of forgiveness while growing up knowing that they can be and feel safe, loved, protected, and honored.

Over to you: If you're a parent that once believed in spanking, but no longer do, how were you able to transform your belief?


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