That Back Pain Just Won't Let Up!! Here's Why and What To Do!

Most people have back pain in common.

You either experience a few aches and pains, or it's a chronic condition in your life, in which you've now made it a normal part of your everyday living. You wake up - you feel it. You go about your day- you feel the pain. You go to bed - you feel the pain.

Never normalize a dis-ease, illness, or any condition. Use it as an opportunity to turn inward to love yourself deeper, and listen to, and address the messages from your body.

Before you reach for the pain medication, which can lead to an over-dependency on them, look into these options first:

* Stretch! Gently, deeply, and with ease stretch your entire body, especially the area of your back that hurts. Do this everyday, and as often as it takes to feel a positive shift in the pain.

* Check your posture! Is your spine properly aligned when you sit and walk? * Sit at the computer for a comfortable amount of time (30 minutes to one hour) and then get up for the same amount of time or greater before sitting back down.

* Taking warm to hot showers can free up tense muscles, and joints. Incorporate regular warm to hot full body or foot baths into your self-care ritual.

* Are you breathing properly? As in, when you breathe in - your abdomen expands, and breathe out - your abdomen contracts. Breathing incorrectly due to feeling worry and stress, can create energy of rigidity and stress in your body (or in this case, your back). Focus on conscious breathing - being aware of your breathing, and choosing to take the time to breathe deeply, and with ease.

* Choose bodywork! Wellness therapies such as Reflexology, and Holistic Synergy can be just the hands-on support you need to finally address the back pain. This ancient therapy applied to the feet (or other parts of the body) can relax tense muscles, repair nerve irritation, loosen joints, and eliminate inflammation. Schedule your 'Back Pain Relief Foot Reflexology or Holistic Synergy' appointment today!

* Address the real root source of the back pain! As you may be aware, what we believe is the driving force in our health. What do you believe about yourself and life, that feels stressful, that's creating the back pain? In most cases, it is a belief about support. Our back/spine supports our bodies to position upright. If there is an upset or imbalance in your belief system about the meaning of support, this may show up in your physical body as back pain.

Do you believe:

It's hard to support myself

The people I love don't support me

I have to beg for support

Support is painful

No one can support me the way I need to be

I don't trust people enough for them to support me

Along with applying the physical tools, you can experience a powerful and positive transformation in your back pain experience by examining and addressing how you truly feel about being supported. Start to identify the ways in which others show up to support you, or the ways in which life delivers unexpected support to assist through a situation, or how you support yourself everyday. Are you a mom who feels overwhelm who could benefit from asking for support? Please ask for it - from a trusted friend, family member, colleague... You may also find it quite valuable to pay for it. Whatever you can do to get the support you need, do it. By paying attention to, and acknowledging the countless ways you are supported, and extending gratitude for it, you will change the back pain.

Over to you: Are you aware of a connection between the back pain you're experiencing and support, and how are you addressing it?


p.s. If your sensitivity with support and trust is linked to sexual abuse trauma, our Rebirth program can help. Enrollment is now open!

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