Is Giving Your Child A Nickname A Good Idea?

Hi there,

The weather is warming up, and one of my favorite activities to enjoy is bike riding! As a child, riding bikes, skateboarding, and making mud pies were my happy places. Reconnecting with these joys (minus skateboarding and making mud pies, now I make essential oil, flower essence, and herbal potions :-) is a reminder of what truly matters and where to place my focus when creating a life that feels good.

When growing up, and to this day, my nickname was/is Nicky - obviously short for Nicole. That name is quite special to me as it pays homage to the little girl I was, who paved the way for the woman I am.

As a girl, I had another nickname, given to me by my family, that I perceived as negative and a way of teasing me. I allowed this perception to have a profound impact on my self-esteem and self-worth. As an adult, I have chosen to see the positive energy it served to teach me magnificent truths about myself. As I reflect on this time, I think about the casual nature in which nicknames are created, and, in most cases, created unconsciously, and perhaps in a teasing manner, unbeknownst to the potential effect it may have on the child. Asking your child how s(he) feels about the nickname can open a space for a conversation on what names feel kind or unkind to him or her. This option supports conscious, and responsible parenting, while respecting and honoring the well-being of the child.

Creating a nickname can be applied in other situations as well, for example, choosing nicknames for your baby/child's reproductive system/genitalia. This can potentially promote false education about his/her body. Calling said body areas by their true names allows the nurturing of self-knowledge, self-honesty, and self-awareness for the child, as well as the parent.

Our words can carry great power and impact. Though you may not know how a child, or any person, will receive a nickname, one can still choose to exercise awareness in his/her consideration and creation of words.

Over to you: Is there a nickname that you had, or still have, that you have allowed to influence how you see yourself and create your life - whether negatively or positively? How has this impacted your life?

As you share your story, you allow others to support you as you transform your perceptions of the past.

Yours In Service,

Nicky :-)

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