Are you addicted to pain?

Hello there!

Have you ever put on shoes that were tight, ill-fitted, and painful but you wore them anyway?

Do you continue to eat a certain food that causes gas, bloating, discomfort within your body?

Do you allow yourself to have the same painful thoughts over and over?

Do you continue to create relationships that focus more on fear instead of love?

When we are in any form of pain, we can either continue to allow it or stop it. Why would we continue to subject ourselves to any form of pain...unless there is something we are getting out of it? The key is to become aware of what that could be. For some, it may be:

* pain is familiar and comfortable

* pain allows the person to remain a victim which could attract sympathetic attention

* staying in pain allows the person to never own and live her most powerful self, which she fears

* pain can validate feeling unworthy of joy and love

By understanding why you allow the pain, you become even more aware and empowered to either continue on that same path or change it.

If you choose to address the pain, there are steps you can take to begin that journey:

* identify that there is pain - no matter what that may be as your body will know when you allow any form of pain. For example, if the shoes hurt your feet, take them off, find the most comfortable and properly-fitting shoes to wear

* If after eating, you become gassy, bloated, and your mood changes, stop eating that food until you can find out why your body hurts after eating it, and what you can do to support your body and choose the most appropriate and nourishing food for you

* If you are thinking thoughts that are unloving - "I am unworthy", "I can't stand that person", "I hate my job", etc - use it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, for example, how you really feel about yourself, what field of work best suits you, what brings the most joy to your life... You can do this through counseling, speaking with a mentor, keeping a sacred journal, taking quiet, contemplative time out for yourself everyday.

We always have a choice in how we choose to create and respond to our experiences and lives. Whatever we choose, life will bring more of the same to validate our choice.

Over to you:

Is it easy for you to identify pain? What are some of the ways you respond to pain? How do you create joy in your life?


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