heal your inner little girl

Are you aware of the beliefs you created, in childhood, about femininity? Did you believe that girls and women were:







hard (wanting to be more masculine)



Furthermore, what did you believe about your body? Whatever beliefs you created as a child, you may still be experiencing in adulthood. Beliefs that are considered 'negative' and 'painful' tend to be the ones that show up in the mind, emotions, physical body as pain and health conditions.

In addition to your own beliefs, you may be energetically tied, unconsciously, to the beliefs of your mother and feminine ancestors, and, for some, this may be positive and others negative. Do you really know what you are tied to? Do you know what beliefs are really yours or that of other people? What really matters is what YOU choose to believe. For example, if you know that you were born in a family lineage in which women were sexually abused, and you did experience abuse as a child, you can learn from that experience to create your most empowered self, and be a victor in your life. You can interrupt the familial belief pattern about sexual abuse, and feminine + masculine roles.

By putting daily, conscious, positive principles and actions in place, you open up the space to transform the negative, limiting beliefs from childhood. And, please know that you, as a spiritual being, needs no healing, only the beliefs that affect your vision of truth and deeply living from your soul.

Supportive actions can include:

- conscious breathing (breathe in - your lungs and abdomen expand; breathe out - your lungs and abdomen contracts) - provides you with the oxygen fuel to your brain and entire body, which allows you to focus more on responding, instead of reacting

- eat food that best nourishes your body

- choose safe, non-toxic wellness support to nurture your health

- interrupt negative thinking processes by applying new positive thoughts

- acknowledging your emotions in non-judgmental ways

- giving your physical body gentle, strong exercises

- honoring your creative work spirit (are you at the employment position that honors your soul and allows you to be in great service?)

- saunter in the innate healing energy of nature

- light a special candle, and speak your intention for conscious feminine transformation

- give yourself hugs everyday

- create a highly-nurturing sisterhood

- volunteer your love, time, and energy to an organization you support

- take full responsibility for your choices and life / no blaming

- forgive yourself for any negative, demeaning, and harmful thoughts you have about yourself

- keep a journal of daily writings supporting how you feel, how you want, and choose to feel

- everyday, thank the little girl you once were for her courage, beauty, wisdom, playfulness, creative spirit... When your memory of her heals, so does the woman you are today

By healing the painful beliefs you created in childhood, you present the woman you are with the opportunity to experience her most free self. This process is a journey. Allow yourself to have fun, and be supported along the way!

Over to you: How do you honor and celebrate the girl you once were?


p.s. The above information is an excerpt from Reproductive Replenish Online Program's 6th presentation.

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