Clitoris + Joy

When we feel any discomfort or experience a condition within our reproductive system, there is valuable information for us to learn about ourselves. When we understand the spiritual connection to our womban center, we strengthen our power to heal on a deeper level. Writing down and speaking affirmations, to ourselves, everyday, assist our subconscious thoughts and beliefs to shift from believing old, fear-based stories about ourselves to remembering that our soul is born from love and this is our innate, natural state of being. When we believe negative, about ourselves, we create pain.

These simple and powerful affirmations can support you to shift 'negative' beliefs you may be holding within your reproductive system into positive, life-affirming truths:

For ovary health ~ "I can do it" and "I believe in myself". For uterus health ~ "I accept and embrace my power". For fallopian tube health ~ "I am motivated to create my most loved life". For cervix health ~ "Life loves and supports my highest good at all times". For vaginal health ~ "I am open and willing to freely give and receive love in my life". For clitoris health ~ "I am a rich vessel of joy" and "I welcome the joy of healing".

There are many more wellness options you can experience to positively change the story/condition you are carrying in your reproductive system. What other inner and outer tools, or daily reminders do you call upon to assist creating and nurturing your healthiest reproductive system, and feminine beliefs and experiences?

Please share your response below in the comment section with our audience.


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