Are Your Beliefs Killing You? Find Out The Truth!

Within the holistic health model, there's a specific way illness/dis-ease is manifested.

The stress first starts in your spiritual health. Spiritual refers to what you believe about everything single thing - love, life, your body, self-worth, health, men, women, parenting, God...

The root source is directly linked to your belief system (upsetting/fear-based beliefs created in childhood), this then affects your thoughts (your dominant thoughts that reinforce the painful beliefs), this then affects your emotions (your emotional response to your thoughts and beliefs), and then they all affect your physical health (what manifests in your physical body).

Many shy away from true holistic route when addressing their health because they would like to simply take a vitamin, or apply an oil, and voila, the issue is gone! Yes, vitamins and aromatherapy oils are very powerful support for your health, and I highly recommend including them in your wellness regimen, still, the core solution involves facing and addressing the intangible - beliefs, emotions, thoughts - that many fear to come face to face with. It may require courage to look deeply 'behind the curtains' in order to heal a condition you are experiencing.

Below you will see a list of conditions and their possible root source. Can you relate to any:

Thyroid challenge - repressed communication and expression

Back pain - fear of support/believing life doesn't have your back

Knee/hip pain - fear of moving forward in life

Reproductive/Womb pain and imbalances - fear of feminine power/seeing yourself as a victim

Respiratory problems - holding onto deep sadness within the lungs

Diabetes - sees very little to no 'sweetness' or joy in life

Heart issues - fear of openly giving and receiving love

Bladder/kidney challenges - feeling deeply pissed off

Autoimmune imbalances - emotionally attacking one's self

By applying the holistic health model when addressing any condition you're dealing with, you allow yourself the opportunity heal the root source, as well as learn more about yourself, and what you've been carrying with you throughout your life's journey. This is a place of power as you are now more aware to create conscious change in your health, and any area of your life.


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