You Need This In Your (Modern) Medicine Cabinet Right Now!

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Your medicine cabinet or wellness kit should be one of your go-to tools that you trust to provide you with the most appropriate and suitable support to address an immediate (or long-term) solution in health. What you place in it is so important as your health is so important. As you (may) know, my practice's approach is in natural and holistic health care options. While this field of wellness care may not have been the status quo in terms of what you may traditionally think of when creating your medicine cabinet, there are countless options within the complementary and alternative medicine model you can add to your wellness tools.

If you are just entertaining the idea of adding a natural approach to your cabinet or ready to dive into it, I recommend starting with aromatherapy by using this one essential oil. It can be used by the entire family (except pets) in numerous ways. Extracted from lavender plant parts, lavender essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, detoxifier, sedative, and much more. It can be used neat (not mixed with a base oil such as olive, almond, etc, which is usually required with essential oils), and can be appreciated by:

*adding a few drops to a gallon of warm water as a super-relaxing foot bath or add to a full body bath

*massaging one drop on a mosquito bite or minor scratch, every few hours, to support relief

*gently massaging a couple of drops on your temples to support relaxing the mind, minor headache, and a good night's sleep

*adding a few drops to your shampoo/conditioner, body oil/lotion for a pleasant aroma, and to nourish your hair and skin

*adding a few drops with water to a spray bottle and spritz throughout the home, including nursery, to promote calm and peace-filled interaction

You can add a small bottle to your wellness kit or take the bottle with you when on-the-go. If you're feeling stressed when out and about, smell the aroma a few times, a couple of hours apart, to support relaxation.

If you have a sensitivity to lavender essential oil, please refrain from using. To find out if you have a topical sensitivity to it, place one drop on a visible area of the skin, and within an hour, check to see how the skin responds. If it appears irritated, do not use.


Over to you: Have you used lavender essential oil? If yes, I'd love to know how, and in what ways was/is it beneficial.

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p.p.s. Lavender image courtesy of the internet.

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