Did Your Child's Sleep Pattern Change? These Steps Will Help.

Has your child's sleep pattern changed? First thing to do is: do your best to refrain from worrying, and allow yourself to be with the change - as peacefully as possible. This place of calm can lead you to the most empowered way to respond to what's happening.

Let's take a look at factors that can influence change in your child's sleep pattern, as well as how to address them:

* Is baby teething? This can interrupt the sleep schedule. This recipe can help to reduce gum inflammation and pain: mix one to two drops of chamomile essential oil with 1/2 teaspoon of olive or another type of oil. Place in the fridge until cool. Remove and massage a small amount on the gums. Repeat, as desired. * Did their diet change? For example, more sugar in the diet can overstimulate the nervous system. Combined with eating sugar-based foods close to bedtime, can impact how the body eases into and stays asleep throughout the night. For general health, and to support peaceful sleep, keep sugar intake at a minimum, and at least 4 - 6 hours before bed. S(he) may also benefit from taking the right brand of digestive enzymes to support the digestive system. p.s. Ask us about the brand we offer for 4 years old and up.

* Is there increased stress within the world, home - such as unresolved emotional upset, death, illness? Parents, you may need to assess and address your own stress level, and how it's affecting the family unit. For situations such as death or illness, keep as much of a schedule of care and nourishment, as possible. Make sure everyone's eating healthy meals, staying in communication with each other, on a flower essence wellness regimen, and welcoming the nurturing support of friends and family. (p.s. And giving and receiving hugs everyday)

* Is s(he) drinking sufficient water everyday? Drinking the right amount of water everyday supports the body to function optimally, and nourish the health of the organs. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), waking up consistently at a certain time can indicate stress within a specific part/organ of the body. For example, frequently waking up between 1:00am and 3:00am may be linked to stress in the liver. This is another 'food for thought' to consider.

* Is there enough quality time to wind down for bedtime? Creating an environment that is quiet, low-lit lights, applying a relaxing aromatherapy (essential oil) body oil after bath time can be helpful. If there is night terror, or other strong upset happening in the sleep state, I highly recommend flower essences for the whole family.

* Is the mattress and pillow the most comfortable and appropriate for your child's body? Choosing a pillow and mattress that fits the contours of his body may prove to support healthy sleep.

* Adding plants to the room can also assist in a better night's sleep. For example, lavender plants are known to support inducing sleep plus reducing anxiety. * Lastly, consider that nothing's wrong with the change in sleep pattern. Instead of sleeping for 8 hours, perhaps, her/his body only needs 5 hours - for now. If you attempt to force or fight what may be naturally and organically happening with your child's body, you'll create unkind parenting, and make life hard for the family.

(p.s. Parents, please refrain from seeing a change in your toddler's mood, sleep, etc as the 'terrible twos' stage, or any other stage. If you see their developmental stage(s) as 'terrible'', that's what you'll get!) Surrendering to the change in sleep, or change, in general, can be a freeing learning experience that can lead you to the best solutions.

~N p.s. If your child is dealing with deeper sleep issues or another health condition, and you would like my professional expertise to assist you to better understand the root source, and how to thoroughly address it for the well-being of your child and the whole family, please send me an email, and inquire about investing in a flourishing health wellness package. Before you reach out, please learn more about the package, and how it will assist.

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