I've Answered Some Of Your Family's Health Questions!

I often answer questions from concerned mothers and families who are having a hard time understanding a health issue and how to best address it. In some cases they have tried other options that have yet to work, so they're looking for the right guidance. I'm sharing some of our Q & A as you may find that you relate to some of the families' questions and concerns about their health.

Mama Q: I'm struggling to get my 2 year old to eat any veggies...cooked or raw. Any suggestions??

My A: Create fresh vegetable beverages with Nutribullet or another brand of blender and mixer system. Add appropriate fruits (I recommend pear as it contains less sugar than other fruits), cacao, or stevia to make it sweet and tasty. Only choose ingredients you know his/her body can properly digest, and place the beverage in a fun (superhero) cup with a straw!

Mama Q: What to do about sugar cravings? I really want to get this under control before our 10 month old twins are old enough to pay attention to what mommy eats! Thanks!

My A: Sugar cravings can be linked to candida (overload of yeast in the body) and/or feeling/wanting more love in one's life. My clients find that addressing both areas by altering the diet (reducing or eliminating sugar, primarily processed) and drinking more water, along with seeing and creating more love in their lives have helped to address the cravings. There's a strong possibility that your twins are already aware, whether through their in-utero experience or the fact that babies/children know everything :-)

Mama Q: Looking for tips to help ease vomiting - I am almost 15 weeks pregnant and still vomit 5-8 times a day (not just a little, all times are until I'm dry heaving and retching) . I feel like I've tried everything.

My A: Smelling the aroma of ginger essential oil, drinking ginger and/or chamomile tea, along with taking the right digestive enzymes (my practice loves and offers the brand, Enzyme Solutions, to clients) have helped many mommies in this situation. Also, get a journal, write down one or more things per day that feels hard about the pregnancy, and next to it ,write what you can do to make it easier, and more joyful.

Mama Q: I have a friend who's daughter is 9 years old and still wets the bed. She has moments where she can go a week without wetting then all of a sudden she saturates the bed and sleeps through it! What suggestions can I give?

My A: Bed wetting can reflect fear of a parent. I recommend exploring that option, seeing if there's any truth to it, and finding the appropriate means to address it. That may include consulting with me, and/or with another qualified health professional. She may find flower essences very helpful to assist and empower the entire family's emotional health.

Mama Q: Eek! I have a teething toddler! I have an almost 15 month old and her first molar has poked through on one side. On the other side where the first molar should be, the gums look swollen. She didn't complain when I touched the swollen gum, but did kinda fuss when I added some pressure. It's not swollen at the top, which is why I didn't notice as I feel her gums regularly, but it is swollen on the side. What can I put on it?

My A: For dental/gum discomfort and inflammation, thus will help: Mix 1 to 2 drops drop of chamomile essential oil in 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, place in fridge to cool, remove, massage a small amount on gums every 2 to 3 hours or as desired.

Mama Q: My daughter is 9 months and low in iron. I have tried iron drops, but gave her terrible stomach cramps. She is breastfed. Can you suggest something else I can boost her iron levels with?

My A: Suggestion: My breastfeeding mama clients have found it highly helpful to drink nettles herbal tea to support their iron level, as well as baby's as they breastfed.

Doula Q: I'm supporting my first client with a cervical tear as well as a 4th degree tear. I would love to offer her some wise woman tips for her healing phase - please share what has worked for your mamas during their recovery from severe tears. Thanks!

My A: My clients have benefited from an essential oil douche, which is completely different from store-bought douche (which you should never buy! The ingredients feeds yeast growth, and the spread or creation of infection). There's really no need to douche at all, but if there's a condition your feminine body can benefit from the unique blend of specific essential oils added to pure water to nurture and nourish you, internally.

I hope you found these super-helpful in your own health and wellness journey!

Talk to you soon,

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