What She Learned About Her Health From Her Daughter's Rash!

I was born to co-facilitate and support the healing of women and children's health. I am clear about this. So when I am deep in service, whether creating a product, offering a consultation, doing hands-on body and energy work, I am truly in love and joy, and not really surprised by anything that comes up in a session. Still, there are those moments when I am in awe to witness the brilliance of health and healing.

Not too long ago, I had a foot reflexology session with a toddler girl. As a Certified Reflexologist, I have seen the manifestation of one’s health on countless feet. As you may know, Foot Reflexology is an ancient health care that involves gentle touch to key points on your feet and calves. These points are connected to the organs, glands and different parts within your body. When the special hand and finger technique of Foot Reflexology is applied to these key points, you access a therapeutic response within your body.

During my session with the girl, I saw that there was a rash on one of the areas of the feet connected to the reproductive system. I asked her mother about it and she said she had noticed it, but didn’t know how it got there. I explained what area of the body it was linked to, and she stated that she wasn’t aware of anything going on in her daughter’s reproductive system…she then started to give details of her own reproductive health. As it turns out, mom had a hard time conceiving, had fertility challenges for many years, and some sensitive issues occurring within her reproductive system. This gave some answers as to why her daughter’s rash had appeared.

On a soul level, we choose our parents for specific lessons and awakenings in our lifetime. Additionally, as we are in the womb, we can take on or mirror back the experiences of our mother (and father). This little girl’s body was reflecting the reproductive challenges of her mother, and potentially her own. I explained to mom that with this knowledge she can become empowered to nurture and nourish both of their reproductive health with gentle, wellness options, such as reflexology, conscious eating, aromatherapy, loving their femininity everyday

While in-utero or in general, we may allow ourselves to become energetically tied to the beliefs/experiences of our mother and feminine ancestors. What are your true experiences versus that of familial lineage? You can use this question as a tool to better understand your body, your health, your beliefs, your identity, and transform your life into one consciously designed and defined by you.

Yours in service, ~N

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