When Your Child Is Ill, So Is The Whole Family! Here's The Remedy.

Whenever your child is ill or going through, what may be perceived as a negative shift in health, it's important to consider how the whole family is contributing to this change, and how to address it, as a unit. As I've expressed in previous e-newsletters and within our consultations, children reflect the energy within the home, more specifically the subconscious beliefs of the parents. When you allow old, limiting beliefs to take over, or you ignore signs showing you that something (in your health, etc) needs to be addressed, you could invite dis-ease - within your physical body, emotions, thoughts, home environment (breakdown in communication, lack of clarity of priorities, etc). Because the parent may not be aware of this breakdown in health, or opportunity to heal something, the experience can be presented through the child to help you to see.

For example, with children's eczema - a very common condition that most simply see as a skin condition. When in truth, there is more to learn from it. From a holistic perspective (seeing and addressing the whole health - physical, emotional, mental, belief system - of a person to balance the root source of a condition), the eczema skin irritation can reflect an emotional irritation within the parents/family structure, or, if your daughter is going through monthly menstrual pain, see that as an opportunity to definitely address her health, with the best wellness plan, in addition to addressing the reproductive health of all the women in the family. Children's health can mirror teachings about health and life, passed on through each generation.

I invite you to re-examine, and if necessary, redefine your perception of health by allowing yourself to see it from a wider point of view. Allow yourself to be open to what the dis-ease is mirroring or attempting to bring to your deeper awareness, and consciousness.

When you see your child's health as the family's health, you position yourself in a place of power to strengthen and nurture the family unit.


p.s. If your child is dealing with an illness or condition, and you would like my professional expertise to assist you to better understand the root source, and how to thoroughly address it for the well-being of your child and the whole family, please send me an email, and inquire about investing in a flourishing health wellness package. Before you reach out, please learn more about the package, and how I can help here. Session focus can include: * How To Address Your Child's Whole Health and Prevent Tonsil/Adenoid Surgery. * How To Clear Up The UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) With This Remedy! * Address The Digestive System. Address The Skin Problem.

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