Know That Queasy Feeling In Your Stomach? Here's Why It's Really Happening!

Can you stomach it?

One of the first things, or probably the first thing, I was taught in my early holistic medicine training is: Stomach Rules Everything! When your stomach isn't working properly, nothing in your body works properly. If we're not eating the right food, which leads to the right nutrients for our body, how will every organ, tissues, blood, etc get fed properly? At some point in our lives, we've all experienced sensitivity with our stomach. If you've ever had:

- gas

- constipation/diarrhea

- respiratory issues

- bloating

- unintended weight gain/weight loss

- back/hip/knee pain

- foggy/forgetful brain/memory

- bad breath

- skin issues

- hair problems

- moody emotions

- a reproductive condition

- and on, and on

...then you've had a challenge with your stomach.

There are steps you can start to take to nourish your stomach health everyday. These recommendations have worked for me, and my clients:

- Drinking chamomile and/or peppermint tea can be soothing to an irritated stomach.

- Pay attention to how your stomach/body feels after eating everything. Your body will let you know what foods are easier to digest, and what it has a hard time processing. Think ease vs. discomfort/pain.

- Essential oils, herbs, and homeopathic remedies have proven to support the stomach and entire digestive system by improving how it breaks down food, and absorb nutrients.

- Taking the right brand of digestive enzymes can strongly repair your stomach. Enzymes are natural chemicals in our bodies that support everything about us to function well. When we consistently eat low vibration food, take too many medications, worry and feed stress - these enzymes can deplete leaving the body to operate less optimally. Taking enzymes in capsule form can be a powerful way to improve enzymes health from within.

- This last recommendation is key because it speaks to the root source of stomach issues: be aware of how you emotionally process your life experiences. Have you ever been in a situation where you received 'bad' news, or think about something from your past, and your stomach starts to hurt? This hurt is a signal that you are in fear - your perception of the news and past experience is based on fear. There's nothing wrong with feeling fear, or any emotions. Still, it's important for you to remember that your emotions are chosen. We choose to feel upset, we choose to feel sadness, we choose to feel fear... We can choose any emotions, at any time. What happens is - after awhile of constantly choosing fear-based emotions, this energy can wear down the function of the stomach - making it sensitive, and hard to process food, and our feelings. Can you stomach (digest/process) how you perceive yourself? Can you stomach your life choices? Can you stomach the current state of your health? Can you stomach what you see happening in your immediate world, and the world, at large? You can strengthen your stomach health by strengthening how you emotionally perceive, and respond to your, or any, life experiences. ~N

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