What She Learned About Her Health From Her Feet!

What she learned about her health from her feet

During a Foot Reflexology session with a client, I expressed what I assessed from the inflamed points on her feet, color, texture, dryness of the skin, etc, and what they may reflect within her body. I asked if she drinks coffee daily - she said yes! I saw an inflamed area on the inner part of her foot, which reflected a build-up of caffeine in her urinary system. I told her that she's experiencing candida (the overgrowth of yeast in the body) from too much sugar and dairy in the diet - she said yes, she often eats cookies, cakes, etc! I told her she was dehydrated - she said yes, she doesn’t drink much water! And on, and on... She gasped in surprise, and confirmed that she was experiencing all those symptoms. I shared with her the current state of her health, and daily lifestyle can be reflected on her feet. I completed administering reflexology on her feet, as well as expressed to her what she can do to change her health, and she did. She looked like a brand new person when I saw her during our next session, and there was a major difference in her feet too! With our sessions, she created a life in which she's more rested, reconnected, and renewed. As a Master Certified Reflexologist, for over 12 years, my approach is unique, thorough, and effective in teaching you how to better understand and change your health via your feet. To experience this form of ancient and modern wellness care, in my Financial District (NYC) office, please send me an email. Praise: "Just treated my feet to an otherworldly reflexology experience with Nicole. The bliss was radiating all over my body and making my brain tingle. I very sincerely did not want it to end! I crave your beautiful reflexology artistry" - Claire Frost Negroni (Declutter Coach) When you contact me... tell me what you would like my reflexology service to assist you with -and- I'll tell you more about reflexology how it can assist your specific health needs how to schedule your private session Some of the highlights of what you'll experience during your session(s) with me: * Initial observation of your feet and calves to assess health of feet/body, and to scan possible stress points within your body * Administering of reflexology on your feet and calves with focus on your source of stress * Discussion (in the midst of foot work of after) of what your feet reveal about your health * A wellness plan is put in place for you with specific solutions to address the stress points within your body and health * Scheduling of future healing sessions, if needed The cost of a single one-hour session is $350. BONUS: Experience a sample of our Holistic Synergy Body/Energy Work! This bodywork therapy has transformed the lives of clients with brain trauma, heart disease, reproductive conditions, and much more. Reflexology will resume in the future. Disclaimer: My foot reflexology sessions are not intended to diagnose, or cure. What would you like my reflexology service to assist you with?

~N Bio: Nicole Angela Tucker is a holistic medicine practitioner and educator trained and certified in the most well-sought-after wellness therapies. As a Master Certified Reflexologist, Nicole provides her clients a combination of ancient, plus modern techniques of foot reflexology to bring forth the most desired transformation in health. As a CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Practitioner, at Northeast Holistic Center, Nicole provided Reflexology and other therapeutic modalities, through the Ryan White Title I Grant, to patients at Plainfield Medical Center, in New Jersey, living with HIV/AIDS, and other health complications. Her unique approach with reflexology has provided positive results for clients dealing with asthma, high blood pressure, fibroids, cystic fibrosis, anxiety, and much more. p.s. With the support of reflexology, our clients have transformed conditions, such as: *womb/breast issues *circulatory problems *blocked lungs *heightened stress/anxiety *digestive imbalances *and much more

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