How To Identify What's Holding You Back

What's on the other side of what's holding you back?

Ever feel as if 'something' is holding you back from getting to another level in your life and/or spiritual growth? It may even feel like you're in a fog or you keep putting in the effort but you get nowhere.

Well, here's the truth: nothing is holding you back. Nothing has the power to hold you back. Wherever you are in your life is where you want and have chosen to be.

You may say... But Nicole, there's something I want and have been working on for awhile now and nothing has happened - something must be holding me back! To that I still say - No, nothing is holding you back. A number of things could be going on:

1. What you say you want you really don't want it.

2. Your mind may want _________, but your heart wants _________. So, there's a conflict.

3. What you want is in the works.

When you believe that something is holding you back from realizing a dream, a goal, an effort, you are informing your body (and entire being) that you're experiencing stagnant energy, and whatever you tell your body it believes. Any form of energy needs an outlet, a home, a place to land. This stagnant energy belief can potentially show up as, or land in the physical body as blockage - within your reproductive system, lungs, heart, joints, etc. Can you relate to this? Are you feeling any stiffness, tightness, blocked sensations with your body?

To help you understand that nothing is holding you back, that you can be at peace with the present moment (and in your body) while still consciously creating your next life experiences, ask the following and listen for the answer:

What can I learn from the present experience so I can receive my next experience with ease and trust?

What decision have I been avoiding out of fear of receiving what I want?

How can I see the current state of my life from a different perspective so I can create _________?

How is being in this present experience serving my highest good?

How can I align with my 'inner' truth to release feeling, or believing I'm stuck?

One or more of the inquiries will resonate with you. You may hear, feel, or see the answer. Allow time, and patience when you ask each question.

Nothing is holding you back. The energy of holding back means that energy has frozen, is suspended, and that's not how energy works. There is no dormant energy. You are always actively participating in the continuous energy flow of your life.


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