How To Overcome Issues With Your Mother

For the past few days I've been in thick 'mommy issues'. Face to face with deep emotional upsets about how I was parented by my mother. Though emotions ran high, I allowed myself to respond to the emotional upheaval in a positive and powerful way by initiating, and having a raw, peaceful, honest communication with my mother. While our discussion was an amazing experience, I still felt that I needed something. Something else felt missing...disconnected.

I was reminded this morning as I took a shower (where I often get my spiritual awakenings!) what that was...

Go within and you never need to go without.

I'm sure that when most women (people) think of the term 'mother', they think of the woman whose womb she came through. And yes, that can most definitely be applicable. Today, I'm inviting you to consider 'mother' from a different perspective. Seeing you as your mother. This is what I felt disconnected from >> seeing and honoring myself as my own mother.

I define mother as a verb: to love to nurture to create to protect to guide to allow to trust to be gentle to respond (not react) to be compassionate to teach... With this definition, you are a mother in many areas of your life: with your child(ren) your career your community your creations (a book, your own company...) and, most importantly, with yourself.

You are a mother to you, first.

There is an inner mother within all of us who guides our every steps, and who we can call upon every day. When you look at how you see, express, and present yourself on a daily basis, would you say that your inner mother, who is a reflection of you, is: gentle patient kind loves unconditionally creates and honors boundaries lives in joy celebrates her unique way of being...? You are the only person who gets to define her for she is you.

Essentially, how you mother yourself is a reflection of how you mother everything else.

Feed you first!

I'm grateful for the talk I had with my mother. Our open communication was a necessary part of our healing journey. My biggest take away from our connection was to be the most present and available mother to me. I can welcome the love of other mothers in my life, but, ultimately, the first source is me. When I choose this path, I connect with my inner spiritual well, which is always full, and there's never a lack of love.

You are your greatest mother.

As you mother yourself today, and every day, take the following questions with you as tools of guidance to support you to be the greatest mother to yourself:

Do you trust life to love you? Do you create clear boundaries? Do you allow yourself to learn from your life experiences? Do you practice daily self-care rituals? Do you speak about, and to yourself in loving ways? Do you love and accept the little girl you were once? Do you rely on yourself to feel good about you? Do you check in with yourself everyday to assess what you need - physically, emotionally, mentally, from your environment, etc? Do you nourish yourself - for example: making sure you eat healthy meals, as well as eat on time?

May you go within and acknowledge your inner mother and nurture the best relationship with 'her'. Happy Mother's Day! 💖

Over to you: What are your favorite ways to be the absolute best mother to you?


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