Not Doing This Every Week Is Hurting Your Family

Not Doing This Every Week Is Hurting Your Family

Nurture love, not fear in your household. First, know the difference between the two.

While that may seem pretty simple, it's not for many. People get the two confused, and, as a result, pain is created in the family structure. As parents, you'll teach your children what you learned in childhood, and/or you'll teach the new thoughts and beliefs you created for yourself. Let's place a spotlight on healing the family unit.

It's time for a family meeting!

Actually, family meetings (multiple) - weekly, monthly, ongoing gathering of the family members to physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually check in with each other. Put - in bold red - scheduled days and times into the family's calendar to have your family meetings.

*Go into the meetings with an energy of 'this is super-important to our family's health and well-being'.

*You can create a list of topics to discuss, i.e. feelings about home, feelings about school, feelings about life, what would you like the family to experience together, ways to improve family unit...

*Go into the meetings with an open heart and mind. Listen attentively, and respond with love.

*In the moment, create solutions to challenges that are brought up in the meetings, and follow up during the next meeting.

*Include all children in the meeting - no matter his/her age. Keep topics age-appropriate when discussing with children.

*Create commitments, and follow through. Examples: I will listen more. I will be more gentle and respectful with how I communicate.

*If a family member is hurting in ways you feel unable to help, research resources that can, and get in touch with them asap.

*Express what you appreciate about each other - shower each other with love!

Within a household, all members look to the mother/main feminine energy for divine guidance.

Mothers, all members within the family will look to you during the meetings. As the mother, the choice is yours to guide from a place of love, or fear. You set the tone for the family's health and well-being. When you create, and nourish a family dynamic in which everyone knows and feels s(he)'s loved, heard, and safe, the family bond is strengthened, and emotional wounds can be healed. Over to you: Do you have family meetings? What are some topics that you discuss, and do you see a positive shift in your family dynamic?


p.s. Flower essences can assist your family to strengthen your communication, make clear muddled emotions, and create solutions that fit everyone's needs. Add them to your family's wellness plan.

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