Is Your Child A Picky-Eater? Here's What You Do!

As a child, there wasn't much I said no to when it came to eating food, except to susumba - a green bitter berry that grows wild in Jamaica, West Indies! Mom would put it in certain meals for flavor, and also to help us with colds and flu. As an adult, I appreciate the health benefits of susumba, but the thank you!! :-)

I wasn't a picky eater, but, for some families, knowing how to address picky-eating, in a child, can feel challenging. Your child's not being a picky-eater to annoy you.

Here's how to approach it:

* As parents, consider your eating patterns. Are you a picky-eater? Do you place an importance on nutrition, and eating wholesome nourishing meals? Your child will most likely reflect your patterns, so be conscious of your emotional relationship with food, one, for you, and also to set a positive example for your child(ren). * Don't force your child to eat. Sincerely explain the purpose and significance of food/nutrition, and how it helps his or her growing body. When you do prepare food, focus on meals, not snacks. Meals provide the most nutritional value. * Your child's selective eating may also be their body's wisdom expressing that the food being given isn't the most nutritious, or beneficial for them. Consider the ingredients and nutritional value in what you're giving them. You may be giving them protein in the form of meat, but their body needs protein in the form of oatmeal, or vice versa. * Involve your child in the grocery shopping experience by allowing them to go with you to select the ingredients needed for meal preparations, or involve them when you're creating the shopping list. Either option can be an inspiring, and empowering opportunity for you all to participate in the family's well-being by consciously deciding which foods would serve you in the healthiest ways. * In many cases, what seems to be 'picky eating' can be an aversion to food due to a sensitive stomach/digestive system. When you address the underlined issues, picky eating becomes an open appetite, and renewed interest in food. Make sure you give them the tummy-ache solver - a brand of digestive enzymes that soothe and repair the stomach. Contact our office to learn more. This doesn't have to be a frustrating experience for your family. Allow yourself to learn from it, follow the above steps, and be open to attracting the right solutions for your family. Over to you: How do you handle picky-eating or selective-eating in your home? - N p.s. You're a super-busy mom. I know. I understand. That's why you can experience our problem-solving health sessions over the phone in the convenience of your home, office, car...

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