How To Gently Detox Your Child’s Body From Heavy Metal Exposure

Knowledge is key. Were you aware that a Consumer Reports study found many types of food eaten by babies and toddlers contained high levels of heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, and arsenic?

For babies/toddlers, consuming these metals can increase the risk of having a negative effect on their cognitive development, behavior, digestive system, and, according to Consumer Reports, can be linked to autism and attention deficit disorder.

If your baby was or may have been exposed to heavy metals in his/her food, my heart goes out to you. The safety of your baby's nutrition is such a priority, and to know there's a deep flaw in what you believed to be the trusted preparation of your child's food is an absolute violation.

Action is power.

While I know it can be easy to take the path of worrying, I invite you to switch gears and take the path of action.

There are gentle, safe detoxification steps you can take right now to assist your baby, or toddler:

1. Aromatherapy - This 6000+ year old practice involves the responsible and medicinal use of essential oils, which are extracted from plant parts, to change the direction of a condition. There are key essential oils that support the body to release toxins/heavy metals, via urine, sweat, bile, and stool.

Personalized essential oil blends can be created to massage, clockwise, on your baby or toddler's stomach/abdominal areas, and along the spine. The properties of the essential oils are absorbed into the blood, and travels throughout the body.

If you're a mommy of a toddler, and, know that s(he) has been exposed to heavy metals, and you want to assist them with detox as well, there's more I recommend:

1. Support them to drink water everyday. Ideally, half their body's weight in ounces of water everyday keeps their body hydrated - assisting to carry metals consistently out of the body.

In the morning, before breakfast, give them 2 to 4 ounces of warm water with a small slice of lemon squeezed into it. This stimulates the liver/gastrointestinal tract, and aids with detoxification.

p.s. When the body is hydrated, urine should be a pale yellow color.

2. To further support the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and, because vibrant health starts in the stomach/digestive system, it is imperative that, along with providing them food that is safe and nourishing, give them digestive enzymes and probiotics everyday. Contact our office to learn more about the digestive supplements we offer.

Both powerfully assist their bodies to work in partnership with the GI tract to properly digest what they eat, absorb nutrients their growing bodies need, eliminate what their body doesn't need - such as heavy metals.

p.s. Bowel movements are required daily for general healthy living, and to allow metals to consistently leave the body.

3. There are certain herbs that help the body to gently detox. For example, ginger is stimulating to the digestive, and circulatory systems, which encourages cleansing the build-up of toxins within the organs. Ginger can be appreciated via tea, seasoned in food, and as an essential oil.

4. Your child's whole body is mapped out on his/her feet. By gently massaging, in a clockwise motion, the bottom of their feet the body will stimulate the blood and organs to support easily transporting metals out of the body. This option partners well with aromatherapy. Other supportive modalities include: homeopathy, and herbal therapy. To inquire about experiencing one or more of the modalities (aromatherapy, herbal therapy, homeopathy) we offer to address heavy metal exposure from food, and other sources, please send a message. ~N p.s. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, you can follow the above steps to support your child's body to release the toxicity.

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